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  1. Is it possible to upgrade the computer in any way? (And relatively affordable) and can it be solved by two screens that know how to 'thread' between them? And if so what do I need to check in the functions of the screen? And really thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi, I have an ASUS TP510UQ phone that I purchased 3 years ago. It has one HDMI port and USB-C port, as well as USB ports. I currently have a screen that I am trying to connect the computer to via USB-C and for some reason there is no signal to the screen, the screen is also supposed to charge the computer and it also does not work. In addition, I am interested in purchasing 2 monitors that can be connected to this computer, regardless of the above monitor, another study, how can this be done? Responds to the current screen.or alternatively there is an option to do a thread between screens? Or any other way.Thank you very much.
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