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  1. of course. Another question that is not in the context of response time. Will DELL E2220H / E2221HN give image quality similar to DELL E1916HV as can be seen here: The images by their performance time: 4:23 tv-1.jpg 4:25 -recent-discoveries.jpg 4:33 4:38 /vi/kbtYZo7jSPs/hqdefault.jpg I mean what is manifested in the problem of unnecessary shadows and black not black? In the display of the images on the TN screen of my laptop I get a parallel view to the VA / IPS screens in the video. Will the Asus VS228H-P give the desired image quality? Or is there a preference for another TN 21.5 screen?
  2. Thanks. Does Ghosting point the mouse at 3:39 here: due to screen quality or camera quality? (This is a screen with a response time of ms 1)
  3. Connect to laptop with intel hd graphics 4000 nvidia geforce gt 635m Panel: Response Time 3/8 (Typ.) (Tr / Td) to 21.5 fhd external screen With a response time of 5ms will give a video flow less smooth? Thanks in advance
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