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  1. I am looking for a drive between 500GB and 1000GB my motherboard including USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A. And searches for the drive at the highest speed possible for this connection. Thanks!
  2. I want to install two operating systems at the same time, one of which will be with an external drive that can be pulled out. Could there be issues with it being installed on an external drive or is it ok?
  3. This is the motherboard: What is the fastest option for external connection? (PCI4 is an internal connection isn't it?)
  4. Hi I would love to recommend the most reliable and fastest drive or drives, SSD, for the purpose of installing an operating system on which the fastest connection is 3.1? Is there any point in buying an M.2 drive with a USB adapter that gives any advantage in speed? Or the USB will be a thank you bottle neck
  5. If it was not clear, I want to make a bot from the external drive (sometimes from the internal M.2 drive) so, if it makes sense, one should choose a drive that fits it.
  6. I want to install 2 operating systems in parallel when one of them is on a portable drive. I would love a recommendation, on a fast drive. Connect to USB 3? How much faster will it be than M.2 NVMe? Thanks!
  7. After much trial and error I can refine the question: When the adapter (PCI TO NVMe) is connected. The computer will restart at the entrance to Windows. From both drives. Both the one connected to the motherboard, and also the one connected to the adapter. Even if only one drive is connected, through the adapter, and if the other drive is not connected, there will be a wrist (video) meaning the adapter causes a wrist. If I reinstall Windows on the drive through the adapter - there will be a wrap in the middle of the installation. (Video) Is the adapter not working properly or can there be some setting that will change everything?
  8. I bought a new computer, in a good store but they could not handle this unconventional configuration. I'm a nice someone who has patience for this, thanks
  9. Yes, I need to maintain 2 operating systems in parallel. Curved, but can help me a lot. I installed first on the stationary drive, and then on the removable drive
  10. I would love your recommendation on an easier way. Both drives need to work fast, and that can be pulled out and taken with me. Thanks :-)
  11. Hello friends I am trying to connect two system drives (both NVMe - M2 and actually identical, evo 970) in a slightly unconventional configuration: one drive is connected to the motherboard, and one drive is connected with NVMe m2 pci adapter The goal is to have two separate system drives, and when I want to take The secondary one with me, I pull out the adapter and the computer will boot from the drive that sits on the motherboard. It should work, but as soon as I plug in the adapter and go into WINDOWS - a bot from the main drive, i.e. the one not on the adapter. WINDOWS crashes and restarts immediately upon entering WINDOWS. A boot from the secondary drive does not work at all, instead of entering the operating system I installed there, it opens a blue screen with BOOT SELECTOR and the two options there lead back to the boot from the drive that sits on the motherboard. What exactly is the problem? (By the way, if I connect the secondary drive directly through the motherboard - it works. This is what the crash looks like
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