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    65% keyboard with Topre switches. Was not used because I did not get along with the 65% and it just sat in the box for months and I have nothing to do with it. New costs around $ 230 + customs and tax, and this color is no longer available. Very tactile, for me the best switches I have clicked on, but I prefer full size so unfortunately I had to sell it.

    800 ₪

  2. And as for the try - if the computer does not charge it is it every time to shorten with a screwdriver the JUMPER of the CMOS or do I have to replace the battery? What's more I had a bug with the BIOS until I got to a version that worked well - it does not somehow burn another BIOS but only resets the current BIOS yes?
  3. I am on 5900x GIGABYTE B550 Aorus Pro v2 board (it has VRM and very strong topology according to Buildzoid) and memories currently on 3600 16- 16-16-36 1.35v with 1800 FCLK (which is simple to run XMP) it's Bdies so should be great potential for OC I want to try running on 3800 14-16-16-36 1.5v with 1900 FCLK (I saw it might improve 1% Lows At a nice percentage on 1080p with low settings in most cases) actually mimicking the data of this kit (which costs about $ 250 more so I bought mine): -Overview is it too excessive? I do not know so where to start (complete beginner who watched some videos) Suppose a 3800 with FCLK 1900 ran without touching the timings - how do I continue from there?
  4. Hi friends, I bought G.skill TridentZ Neo 2x16 3600CL16 and 5600x processor memories and I want to purchase a motherboard as well. I understood from the videos and reviews of the B550 AORUS PRO V2 that it has a powerful VRM and it will be excellent for the OC of a processor and memory, and it costs around NIS 850 in stores. The problem is that when I search for B550 AORUS PRO ISSUES on Google it comes out full of clusters in Reddit and the like of people who have a mess with the USB and XMP and also the REALTEK NIC for some freaking out. This happens in general for the X570 and also for the B550 with 5xxx processors. What is a sane endem supposed to do? Which board to buy without going into the hassle of I disassemble my computer that is currently working and assembling parts and the USB is not working / where is the XMP freaking out / not working? A Google search for a reference: Buildzoid and a few other members in the forums there have suggested solutions that work for most people which is to set the PCIE slots to work on "GEN3" and not "GEN4". Advice is welcome, I'm dying to upgrade my computer.
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