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  1. I wrote that this is what leads me? I'm asking about an unknown field, it's a significant reason for me to find out about it
  2. Hi, I do not come with a background in programming or cyber, at most, I know quite a bit of reading HTML without ever trying to learn, I just understood on my own. In the psychotechnical tests I did, it turned out that I was a researching, artistic and social person with a very strong verbal side. I do not connect to formulas in math, it is boring and I honestly never in school understood why it should interest me at all, however research on things very interesting to me, a place where I can realize my self and express it. So probably in computer science I will not survive unless I improve my mathematical side, but even then there is a situation where I will get bored. I understand that today high-tech is the place to get drunk with dignity in Israel, and that is why I am
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