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  1. Hello. Today my computer was updated automatically, in a long update of windows 10. Now I find that all the Word files have become XML Office mode, and with a double click they open not in Word, but in Writer. what can we do ? Thanks.
  2. Hello. In the cellular company I am in, there is no voicemail. Is there an automatic answering solution while I am not answering the phone? I do not need a voicemail when recording messages, but only a message explaining that I am not answering. And for free. Thank you.
  3. Hello. I have a HG281D hannsg screen, it is connected to a computer in HDMI. When I connect it to a computer, it behaves indistinctly: sometimes there is an image on the screen, and everything is fine. Sometimes it emits a no signal input message and even after the computer is connected to it and recognizes it there is no image on the screen. After a certain time, it gives an image on the screen. Is there anything that can be done alone to fix it? Thanks.
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