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  1. Will this modem match Cellcom's fiber?
  2. I had Cellcom fiber installed last week and I also got involved with it. They do not give a fiber coordinator and the "technicians" in their support center are not really technicians. Only senior technicians are really technicians .. You can connect your router to their router and it is important to put in the settings of their router a DMZ mode that it actually exposes your router directly to the internet, as if it was itself connected to a fiber. I did it with a MESH system that works well for me.
  3. I have 1Gigabit fiber from Cellcom. And the Gateway they give is a fiber modem integrated with a router, without the possibility to cancel the router (Bridge) I saw that they wrote here in the forum that you can ask for a fiber adapter and they give. So it's not, they do not give more, even when I offered to pay them for it. I bought a MESH system and my question, if I connect it to Cellcom's Gateway and put it inside the DMZ will it completely solve my Double NAT problem? And will in terms of performance be hurtful? After all, I'm not just paying for Gigabit I would greatly appreciate any answer
  4. It's really annoying I've already talked twice with their "technical support" about just that, because I've already seen here in the forum that they wrote down exactly what you said. And Cellcom claims they have no such thing. I am considering ordering Mali Express, I found a Huawei gpon modem that seems to me exactly what I need. And by the way, I wanted to be in Unlimited, but they are now owned by Cellcom and Hot, they refer you directly to them
  5. I'm at Cellcom Faber. And I have a reception problem with the router they brought. Now this router is also a modem to which the optical fiber is connected directly. Cellcom claims that it is not possible to turn off the router (Bridge mode) and connect my own router. That it seems to me really fucked up, and unfair. My question is, if I buy a fiber optic media converter for RJ45 and connect to my router, and enter the PPoE information should it work? Or should I just throw money in the trash?
  6. I have to send you a link, and is the connection in Bezeq also GPON like in Cellcom? I.e. single cable and not double cable
  7. Did anyone manage to move the Cellcom fiber router to Bridge mode? Sagecom F @ st 5657 router The reception of WiFi in the far rooms is not amazing and I wanted to put a MESH network I try to make the router a modem (Bridge Mode) and I do not find the setting. Thanks
  8. I have a virtualization server, in which I created a container (similar to a virtual machine) for PLEX I allocated 16GB of RAM and 8 cores from the server, so there should be no problem of power or RAM. And the operating system is ubuntu server 20.10 I downloaded 16 movies in 1080P quality and tried to stream them to my TV in the living room and they kept getting stuck (buffering) and when I lowered the resolution to 720P there were no crashes at all throughout the movie. I have a wired connection to a TV, with 1000Mbps internet, so the internet is not the problem. Although the virtual machine I assigned to PLEX is very powerful, I still checked the percentage of CPU usage at the time of the blasts, and found that it barely exceeds 3 percent, and the RAM is only used 5 percent, so that's not the problem. Does anyone have any idea why this is constantly stuck at 1080P? I've been trying for a day and a bit to solve this
  9. It's also going to be used, among other things, as a Tor Relay so I need remote control in case something goes wrong
  10. I purchased a second hand PowerEdge 620 server for a home lab. I've been trying for hours now to figure out how to get / purchase an iDrac 7 license? I could not find one normal explanation, not even a price. The IT people here must have worked with DELL servers ... Where do I get a license? Save me !
  11. Two processors model Xeon E5-2650 v2 64GB ECC DDR4 two SAS drives each 500GB and the rest of the stuff that comes in this server. 1200 shekels.
  12. I basically have a cluster of some raspberry pi and I want to replace them with something more serious used both as a web and ftp server and also nas and I saw a lot of people who have a server at home, usually put it in some free room, or warehouse ... but unfortunately I do not have .
  13. Hi, I'm new here in the community and the truth is I signed up specifically to ask this. I want to have a server at home. And I had a really good deal to serve from the model listed in the title. My question from your experience in terms of noise, is the noise loud at a disturbing level, say if it will be in one of the bedrooms? I do not have a dedicated room to put it thanks in advance
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