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  1. Why not happen? It can not enter the slots? And the mouse is not like a fall? If the mouse works normally, nothing will happen to it?
  2. Oh also afraid of entering the screen in the side slots are pictures:
  3. Hi today I played on the computer and shouted a bit and spat small drops of saliva towards the screen and they hit the screen and maybe the keyboard .. I am afraid it can get into the slots of the screen or the keyboard and it is dangerous or can destroy .. the keyboard I did not see drops but on the screen yes. In addition I wanted to put my phone on the pad but accidentally put on the mouse which was a difference of 2 cents in height and then it landed on the mouse g pro where the logo of Logitech and gave like a blow from fear that something could happen to the mouse .. what can happen from what I said? Asks for an answer on every case and not spam please. Thanks!!!!!
  4. I received about two weeks ago .. only in Fortnight it crashed and once it crashed in Gitaii but after reset that day maybe because of it
  5. Dude now on the opening screen of Fortnite suddenly there is a restart and even in the middle of the game today again this is a hardware issue? My friend did not run xmp and everything works smoothly without crashes
  6. I downloaded, now it crashed twice more on the Fortnight screen
  7. I have no way to reinstall and it probably lowers warranty
  8. I forgot to mention, 16x2 g skill 3200 cl16 running on 1066 I did not run anything in the BIOS Bram.
  9. I forgot to add that after the reset there were really, really bad blasts at the moment because there were no drivers and I downloaded the latest Amad drivers and did not download any more drivers, the roof is 74 degrees per card and the 69 processor. In Minecraft there are no blasts. Thanks
  10. I have: 6800xt nitro plus 5800x b550f asus rm850 nx800 in gta I have several blasts in half an hour, like 5 blasts in half an hour small blasts. In Sias I played only an hour not in a row since buying the computer and I had one blast as I entered the lobby in the middle of a game maybe because he still claimed. In flashing lights those who know have every few seconds a blast. Fortnight (I just downloaded for experience do not like the game) has every 10 seconds and I actually get 170 frames that on YouTube get 200! And there are cases of 90 frames for a few seconds! 3 times suddenly came out of the game without any damn magitai twice and after I changed settings in Sias it claimed and came out. 3 times suddenly there was a black screen and
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