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  1. WIFI6, easy to install, in Hebrew, with wide coverage and priority for the option of connecting several units in MESH - up to 450-400 NIS. *** (except the excellent AX3).
  2. Peace. As part of Partner Faber's package they convince me to take their router from tp-link for 700 NIS. Sounds puzzling to me. Has anyone encountered a similar case? Is it possible to connect a private router separately and if so which one. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am working with a modem system (old Bezeq router) and a TPLINK AC1750 router. Lately I am experiencing issues with the modem and would like to replace it. I would love to get recommendations as well as understand the importance of the modem and whether it is worth investing in expensive equipment. Thanks.
  4. Undecided whether to purchase an ax3000 or AX1800 mesh system and do not understand whether the 3000 is relevant to the country. Thanks.
  5. From what I understand wifi 6 addresses the simultaneous consumption of several devices simultaneously without compromising the quality of browsing.
  6. Hello everyone, I am moving and want to invest in a quality communication system. What are the current recommendations for a good mesh system with wide coverage that can serve a home with a lot of users and supports wifi 6?
  7. I saw an offer on the above model at NIS 1500. Attractive price for all opinions of 55 'brand is quite familiar. I wanted to find out if anyone here knew or experienced the model. Thanks
  8. I happened to read the contract and saw that it was included in the price.
  9. Hello, I recently joined Bezeq International and received a service from SAFENET. Of course I do not need it, and so comes the question whether it affects me in any way and should it be removed or is it static and harmless? Thanks.
  10. Can an explanation of how to install, only one of them requires a wired connection and the rest wireless? Can the rest also be connected by connecting lines for safety? Is the TENDA powerful enough for home with parallel use of 5-6 devices at the same time? Thanks. By the way, anyone heard of the samsung smartthings wifi mesh? Highly recommended on tomsguide and at a slightly higher price than TENDA.
  11. Hello, I am interested in connecting MESH routers at home as a solution to the recurring problems and disconnections that are repeated every day. From my review, the above technology is the best and highest quality solution for sensible budget home reception problems. Network router and other devices The router I am currently using is TP-LINK AC4 Archer C1750, does it support the above technology? Can the TP-LINK DECO M7 routers fit me? Thanks.
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