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  1. Just a little question on another topic but on the same topic .. (if that sounds logical)

    I am considering replacing the intel core i7 I have (my motherboard is limited to cards up to generation I7 and no more)

    Do I have anywhere to upgrade? If so, I would love a recommendation.
    Socket 1151
    I mean can I put a different processor from Intel that suits me for the same Only stronger.

  2. Got it, well I'll recalculate a route right now if so, 
    Maybe the 1060 is really enough, maybe a matter of replacing a processor and adding some memory enough for it.
    The computer is currently being repaired with a 5GHz I4590-3.3 processor
    Memory 8 (low true, I realized the recommendation is a minimum of 16)

    Anyway, I understood the direction, thanks for the help.

  3. True and still he offered me the cheapest of the tickets he had there, if not the cheapest, and when I asked what other tickets there are he said there is a shortage of graphics cards in the country and he has not much to offer me for the needs I need and he super went towards me and did not try to push me nonsense.

    Anyway at the moment the computer I want to replace has a 1060 card, my current computer is with a 2070 Super 
    And yet it seems like both of them have a hard time dealing with this graphics software, which is very strange to me. 

    * By 2070 they seem to be running smoothly and then all of a sudden out of nowhere the software freezes for a moment, kind of annoying bumps like that happening out of nowhere and it's not clear to me if it's the card or it's just ADOBE BEEING ADOBE)

    The card you offered is better than them? ..

  4. Quote of A-10



    1. Cost / benefit ratio - at the same price as Intel, CPU AMD = Raisen gives more performance, and not just a percentage or two,

    But a significant difference.


    2. There is absolutely nothing here. Card like  Quadro  Designed for completely different things from the destiny you are

    Designated for your computer.

    That is, real estate, whatever GTX does will apply as well Quadro But for your purposes, really, but really there is no need for - Quadro.

    of course that - Quadro Costs a lot more.

    So this is why I asked, because I was in KSP and he also recommended me e By the way at the same price as the GTX you brought in the recommendation that it is designed for the purposes I need
    * Even just reading online I realized that QUADRO is more suitable for these purposes.

  5. Hello,

    Requests a computer recommendation for a graphic designer who can run Adobe programming smoothly (not including graphic editing programs like After or Premiere even though Premier is not that heavy)
    The main programming is Photoshop illustrator indesign Lightroom

    husband Of 16 minimum.

    Preferably an intel processor i7.

    A budget of between 5 and 8, there is no need to go far if not necessary the most important is that the programming will work at their minimum smoothly. :)

    including 10


    No peripherals needed.

    Thanks to all the helpers, have a nice weekend.

  6. Hello,

    So from the title it can be understood that I am interested in purchasing an Intel processor i9 10850K 3.6Ghz 20MB Cache s1200.
    And for that I need New because my motherboard is suitable for processors of up to i7.

    I would be happy for recommendations for a motherboard at a price of up to NIS 1000 that are appropriate,
    The current motherboard I have is Asus PRIME H270-P

    So something a bit better than that, if possible even as cheap as possible but still no less good in performance of course.

    Hope I was clear, thanks.

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