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  1. Okay. I ordered from those who ship to Israel. But it is probably not always possible .....
  2. How old is the cell phone? Have you checked the battery status (in the mobile software)?
  3. Please. For nothing. It is quite rare to encounter a situation of lack of memory in image processing. I mean here on the site. Because obviously there are also systems with 128 GB ... all the best and a happy holiday!
  4. The drive is suitable. I have no idea what its cost is, so I can not determine if there is a better drive.
  5. Oh well. I just wanted to make sure .... so there's no reason 3200 memories will not work with the ones you already have. Sees no reason to replace the existing ones. You can stay in all of them at 3000 or run them all (the 64 GB) at 3200, not that it matters that much. ..
  6. This is the question ! I see no point in needing 64GB at all.
  7. It's with you. I can have better and another can be worse. This is the case with USB connections. Performance depends on many factors and varies accordingly.
  8. Then ....? Does not add anything, does not ask anything .... well. nothing happened.
  9. Of the 10 laptop batteries I ordered from abroad, all came via mail / how the seller decided to ship. No need to get involved when not needed.
  10. Not bad for the current system, but .... when everything is upgraded, it will have to be everything, including the video card ....
  11. Contact those who work in the field. Ggl.
  12. Arrange in what sense? Slave as if nothing had happened or extract material? By the way, is the other computer also stuck?
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