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  1. For me, it was worth it. Was not perfect, but better than 7, and I intentionally do not consider what was between them. It's a shame they gathered information and trampled on privacy, but who does not nowadays?
  2. The specification does show 300 nits, but in reality they did not measure more than 275 nits. Also what appears on sites in the country in the context of 100 srgb color coverage is incorrect, it is no more than 60 percent. At least the laptop comes with TB4, if that helps you. In ThinkPad, the keyboard is better (slightly) but in the rest, sees no differences that would justify choosing one over the other. That is, there are apparent differences, but not real ones on the ground. Anyway, in terms of screen, both are pretty much the same, just a matter of price level.
  3. So according to Microsoft. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/event So if so far you have not upgraded / failed to upgrade to the other build (21H1), not terrible. Because by all indications, the new version is significantly different from a routine update we have known so far.
  4. The laptop spun, except for the section of brightness in the sun. For that you will have to go up (very) in budget. At least it comes with a matte screen.
  5. I did not encounter any problems. The question of course is also, what are you using. And besides, YouTube is full of free and non-free solutions to the issue. Therefore, the purpose of the discussion is not clear to me. It's really not interesting what and why you do with it.
  6. There is no need. What worked, will continue to work.
  7. It's a backup drive. Let's start with the interesting reliability, which even in an ideal case is not something ....
  8. I still do not understand what the purpose of the discussion is .....
  9. Without knowing a budget - it is difficult to answer. Nor will it hurt to know what exactly you have chosen. In short, try to give more information - both what your requirements are and what seems appropriate to you.
  10. Regarding adding memory - check how much of it is used in the most intensive use (in the task manager). Although even if a little is missing, the fact that there is an SSD drive, makes the shortage (if any) at least critical. Bottom line - instead of investing more in artificial respiration, think about replacing a cell phone. I mean, all around it's nice, but if after replacing the drive the performance is still unsatisfactory, a sign that the CPU is not up to the load, and that only another mobile could significantly improve. Everything else (Ram for example) will improve a little, if at all. The question of whether it is worthwhile ...
  11. I would not approach discs from AliExpress. Not for disks and not for on-key disk. No matter what you miss, do not touch. The cheapest will cost dearly.
  12. Wait, do you want to buy in Eilat regardless of what you buy? Such a mobile in both networks, if any, even in Eilat will cost you more. The way you think.
  13. So here, 550 is better. The quality of the stabilizers is more a matter of the motherboard manufacturer and what and how much it invests in its quality, not necessarily what the chipset on the motherboard is. No need to go wild, when there is gaming, take a suitable screen card. Also Wei Fei that you have no less good than the built-in.
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