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  1. If he did the job, I would not bother to bring any other specifications, would I? And what does it "do the job"? In double time? Half budget? both ? How long will the system last?
  2. Okay this is what went into budget, but the truth is, it came out not bad at all it includes windows 10, 32GB of memory and a very good processor.
  3. Well, as for Lumion - you can forget, unless it's really basic and that's in doubt. As for Wei Ray - well, he will do his best with what he has. I too will do my best.
  4. Okay, that's not what you're saying, but personally, I would stick to that.
  5. I wonder if it works. Filled cable costs pennies, but if you order a charger and it does not work in the end, this is a problem at best, or it will fry your laptop at worst.
  6. In terms of stacking the components and their quality. What about the other answers to the questions I asked? There is a situation where the budget is low.
  7. You can list brands as well as stores and even links to specific offers.
  8. Hi there is a situation where the power switch / power button is located on the keyboard assembly. In any case, the keyboard itself does not cost more than ninety shekels, but, I do not know how much work it takes to replace it. https://www.cheaplaptopkeyboard.com/dell-vostro-5480-keyboard-p-15_m-281.html From what is described on the site, we do not see a serious story, even from this video, although it is a model for a vibration, and not a vestro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRCcvWXeAZQ
  9. The hallucinatory specifications .... please fill out a questionnaire. Indicate what exactly you are doing - modeling, rendering, etc., etc. Which V-RAY exactly, processor-only or processor and video card, and the more you detail, will help you.
  10. Yes, that's definitely enough. More critical is the signal strength and the stability (quality) of the connection itself.
  11. Let's start from the end - if everything works, do not download BIOS. It does not always make things better. Everything else - yes, you can download all the categories, although Windows 10 is quite concerned. In short, what works to your satisfaction, do not fix.
  12. Well yes. As they say, all publications are a bit, unless otherwise stated .....
  13. I do not recommend less than 600 MB, because keep in mind that it is BIT, not BYTE. That is, in three hundred megabytes (which is also theoretical because it is more up to three hundred and changes very quickly depending on the distance) the traffic can be quite slow. It is possible to connect a Giga switch and connect several computers, all of which both cost and require basic knowledge for various settings.
  14. Yes, a regular connection from a router via a network cable, this is what is marked in yellow fiber optics is a different world, I highly recommend. But ... it's a different world in direct connection (cable). Through Wi-Fi, the equipment the companies provide is not good, to say the least. Then, you have to buy cheap equipment of your own, and configure it, etc., etc.
  15. Each motherboard comes with a network cable socket. Indeed, it's a network card. Maybe there are those who reach giga speed, not sure they pay off.
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