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  1. First, renew! no, not at all. You simply format the drive and install windows.
  2. If it's under warranty, open a DELL call. If not, perform a memory test with both the built-in mobile and MEMTEST.
  3. Here is someone who listens to me (well, I was carried away .....), but seriously, in terms of video editing, here is a system for only $ 1500 without corner circles and also an explanation of why a particular component was chosen and not another.
  4. In my opinion, the Novo Legion 5 Pro is better in terms of screen, but .... if you liked the artist, then fine too. Z.A. The laptop meets all the necessary Vs.
  5. Do not know such an animal, not today at least. Compromise on anything, other than a CPU ....
  6. Compare the title of the discussion with what you are asked about it now ..... I suggest you look for something better. Yes
  7. Yes. Otherwise I would not recommend. It also has a great screen and good performance, both for Photoshop and video (relatively of course). Its minus is the weight, but the screen is in the ratio 16:10. In Asus with an OLED screen, the weight is lower and the screen is completely black. On the other hand, like any OLED screen it is necessary to take some preventative measures to prevent screen burning. Each mobile and its minuses. Of course the need for a mobile with a screen with a good color gamut + only complicates matters.
  8. Yes, I also understood earlier what you mean. Honestly, I do not have a segmentation according to this parameter, although really it is becoming an annoying trend with more and more manufacturers. Just for your attention, AMD laptops do not have the THUNDERBOLT connection at all, if that is important to you.
  9. If memory expansion is not required, there are also Asus laptops with OLED screen with all that implies - AMD version - and Intel version -
  10. Please - enter the number 177129 on the KSP website. In Eilat it is less than NIS 5400.
  11. I do not think so. Maybe the price is fine, but the mobile is much less, for your needs, I mean. Unless screen quality is a secondary / not important factor for you.
  12. Yes, quite a few sites do not make it easy for the consumer, to say the least. You must stick to this model - Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G2 ITL 20VE00FMIV with the bold extension at the end of the model, because there are also models with a screen like the E15, which means not high quality. These are the places that according to the Zap site it still remains in stock - Maybe there is another sub-model with a different suffix at the end, as long as this figure explicitly appears - FHD (1920x1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare, 100% sRGB, you can buy it.
  13. I ask you to concentrate. One and three is the same mobile. This is another mobile. As for the site - do not know. Neither positive nor negative. Regarding GEN2 and without - probably from Stipe on the site, because the data show that both the first and the third are GEN 2.
  14. The first and third are the same mobile. Just on Tuesday there is twice as much memory (2 GB compared to 16 in the first). The second laptop is a cheaper version of the first, with some differences, especially in the models in question specifically. Advantages of LENOVO THINKPAD 8 - Excellent keyboard (best in category / price level). Three-year warranty on the customer site. Disadvantages - not the highest quality screen in terms of color accuracy. A USB-C connection is used in the connection to the charger, so it is either charging or using the connection, although there are other connections, of course. The advantages of the LENOVO THINKBOOK - a good keyboard +, but not like in the E15. Screen (in the model in question specific link) very good. Dual USB-C connection, no E-15 limit. Disadvantages - only one year warranty (can be extended to three).
  15. If anything, i7 12700k that built-in core can help with video rendering. And this processor is not that hot relative to the I9, so the Noctua 15 can get by with it.
  16. שינוי כיוון משמעותי ? ימים יגידו ......
  17. How about specifying what the computer is for?
  18. So take the DELL right away 2. Obviously, you will have to give up the claim from USB-C ......
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