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  1. no permission ! There is a discussion in the forum about just that. Peek - you will not be harmed. It's time to put in the effort .....
  2. Well here's a sort of summary of a variety of scenarios between an iPhone and a professional camera - Spoiler - the results are not different from what was said above in the discussion ... but ... the differences are not always that big .... .
  3. Who said he wanted to play? Total asked to connect a computer screen! Believe me, 99 percent of gamers will not ask this question ....
  4. What's good on a budget has already been offered to you. You keep looking and finding nonsense .... if you stretch the budget to 5000 and Eilat ..... there is another bike.
  5. A person's desire - his dignity. Not that I understand why all these requirements .... just for the sake of them? What is not on the board can be added with a suitable card, if and when needed.
  6. That's what's there. And there are those for whom it is enough, the main thing that it works.
  7. In my opinion yes. Although in the future you can add storage / drives as needed. But on the development - you should start with more than 240 GB for peace of mind for a considerable time.
  8. Power supply is indeed worth upgrading. As for the case - a matter of taste. Because the system does not require anything special in terms of ventilation.
  9. On a mobile you will need a larger budget. For studies it is better to be mobile, of course. With the mobile come quite a few compromises, like a keyboard, but that's what it is, especially on a low budget ....
  10. Please not-recognized-in-new-laptop / good luck!
  11. If you give full / detailed specifications, it can help. Like some operating system, etc. And why am I "pushing" you to move forward? Because if all the parts are original, every second and touch will cause problems.
  12. Well according to what is on the net, you have two options - 1. Such an adapter and buy a supplement in addition - or a cable that already includes everything -
  13. Computer system = computer replacement. It's time to move on.
  14. So buy from another store. The major chains, Ivory and KSP sell quantities. So there will always be dissatisfied. As you see fit.
  15. Thanks. Any HDMI cable sold in stores, even for 30 NIS, will be good. The question is, what ports do you have in a video card, or what is its exact model ..... of ASUS, GB or who?
  16. What screen model and what is on the computer (what video card)?
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