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  1. You need to provide a link or at least the exact models of both. And also, what are the purposes of the mobile / its intended use. Only then will there be a taste and possibility to give an answer to the matter.
  2. "I would be happy in your general opinion, which Lenovo models are considered the highest quality? Yoga flex IdeaPad" - of these, yoga. There are of course more prestigious and high-quality series, some of which have a combination of yoga as certain features on the mobile.
  3. So you're basically looking for backup management software? Or partition management software? Or both?
  4. ויש כמובן את diskpart של חלונות. לא הכי אינטואיטיבי, אבל עושה את העבודה ...
  5. Maybe you have software that you mentioned software that changes partitions (yes, not the most successful wording), but it is better to have software that is really for partition manipulation. In short, minitool (free) to anything with a partition in its name.
  7. Both connections have the same performance, both the one closest to the processor and the one farthest from it. The board supports 3rd generation drives, pci gen 3 x4, or in short, like XPG 8200 and the like, not the new ones that will now offer GEN 4. That means they will work too, but not at their full speed, so there is no point in paying more.
  8. So it's not! Once an external video card is inserted, the one built into the processor is canceled. As for what is worthwhile - the built-in or external, depending, there are too many combinations of built-in depending on the uses and so on both the external and the ports of the motherboard and external ....
  9. That will suffice -
  10. Well, I read. You need a video card with two HDMI ports, or alternatively, one VGA for Shiomi and one HDMI for the existing screen.
  11. Connectivity of this Xiaomi monitor Regarding connectivity, This monitor has an HDMI 1.4 port and a VGA connector. You may not need a video card at all, as it has an HDMI connection that is present in every video card, as well as a VGA connection, which is now quite rare in video cards, but is found in boards if not new, so to speak. In short, let's say you bought the screen of Shiomi, what hardware do you have, and sorry but I do not have the strength to look in the discussion ....
  12. Honestly, to me it also seems like a regret! In any case, there is a manager of TMS here, Kirill, call him and maybe he will be able to explain what is being engraved in the store ....
  13. Walla? So what's the problem with blocking them when choosing this specific processor? Not that I know there's a problem .... let's do the opposite. Up here what they offer instead and see ...
  14. Yes, one can look from many angles, no doubt. It's a shame that from every angle it hurts, not that Anvidia is innocent of it.
  15. Hi, this is indeed the same mobile (the ones in KSP, it is not the same mobile as in the Ivory) that the difference between them is 8 GB of memory. As they say, that's what's there. Please note that the warranty is for one year only, and can be extended to three years at an additional cost. You could say the warranty is due to ASUS 'Achilles heel in the country. Well, whatever it seems to you. The mobile itself is cool, by the way ....
  16. There are quite a few that have literally been burned from AMD processors. Well and ....? The world is advancing, why get stuck on a past?
  17. What situation have we reached that a card that is not in the top at close to 4000 NIS is considered a bargain ...... in Tekel's, it's like two x boxes .....
  18. It's pretty subjective, after all. It is possible and there is a keyboard rating between the laptops and themselves. Maybe they did, but I do not know, and the truth also sees no reason, comparisons between mobile keyboards and regular ones. In short, like anything, good and excellent keyboards are or at least have been in the past, in expensive computers, when the leaders in the field were considered Lenovo's Tinkpad mobiles of various T series, and also X. However, not the Lenovo you have .... also dell xps stumps and other premium computers of Other companies received good marks in the keyboard field. I speak in the past tense because today everything is blurring in this area as well, and "good" is really hard to find. To the question of Tekel's - take some time to adjust to the keyboard of the laptop. I do not think the laptop keyboard is less good than a simple keyboard, but there are too many nuances between the two keyboards, and each one and his habits. If it makes it difficult for you to get used to it, at least it's good that there are alternatives ....
  19. 1. No. Not on all mobiles. There are some and there are some. Sometimes it "sits" just above the anter, and sometimes the backslash is above another key, meaning that another key separates it from the anter. And of course there are other kinds of arrangements, according to the imagination of the manufacturers. It also depends with the hunter is just a regular width key or grabs two rows of keys, and more priest and priestess. The screen size also dictates the arrangement of the keys, not that 17.3 should be a problem, but Lenovo sometimes chose to put the same keyboard on both 15.6 and 17.3, just the edges were different widths. 2. Obviously. You do not have the luxury of a standard keyboard. A standard keyboard doesn't really have a limit on its width, or dimensions at all. On a laptop, as mentioned, it is dictated by the screen size and other technical considerations. 3. lol You opened a Pandora's box. Obviously the mechanism is different. Again, there is not all the depth that the manufacturer can afford in a standard keyboard. "M, it's considered a real wow. Of course, the required pressure and operating point and other Yamba parameters also make the keyboard successful / excellent, good, fine or not good enough. And getting used to printing on a laptop is part of using it.
  20. I'll check tomorrow, at the moment I can not delve into ..... but if 400 NIS seems excessive to you .... get used to it. This is a premium series from Asus, and all pips accordingly! What's more, the period with the Corona doesn't exactly calm things down in terms of price, and not just at Asus.
  21. Of these two, in principle, the tailbone is preferable. As a mobile of a better series of manufacturer. Remind you that with the tailgate come adapters, both audio and network cable. The minus, only 8 GB of RAM, and in programming you will definitely need at least 16. In the tailgate it is usually not possible to increase the memory. And will also need to extend the warranty to three years. The HP comes with everything that is missing in the tailbone (except a network entry) but is one level less than it. Is that I said, hard to find a mobile that is both and both and both. There are also less shiny laptops, like the ThinkPad E, but it is not cheaper.
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