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  1. Thanks ! Although you have referred to smartphones as a whole, because Apple claims that the iPhone 13 is far above everything else. And the features of cinematics in video and poorly lit photography are on a par with the professional equipment. That's the whole point. As she shouted?
  2. Ahhh take it in a completely different direction. So let's unite the matter. We will take a photographer from his shoulder upwards (so that there will be no personal discussion, suppose the photographer is in the top of the top). Will the iPhone 13 meet all its needs equally to the professional equipment that the same photographer uses, stills and video, or just one of them. Do the results in low light or cinematic meet the requirements of professional photography?
  3. A. I am against boycotts, but in favor of caution. So it is better to avoid. What is certain, certain. B. Regarding cooling. Overall I mentioned that you did not refer. Or, you forgot. No need to get upset about every word ....
  4. You did not refer to the cooling (of the processor), for some reason ... regarding power supply - what is certain, certain. It's true that most companies' power supplies are sticker products, but for now, only those of Gigabyte are "enjoying" the label of ticking bombs. So as long as there are equally good alternatives, you should take them.
  5. Leave the previous specifications offered to you. Will indeed replace the power and cooling supply. Everything else - just money for the air ... no consideration at best.
  6. It is also possible to run before checking with a manufacturer software, the chkdsk command from cmd opened with administrator privileges. Type cmd in the search and right click on it and run as administrator. Name type chkdsk x: / r / f where x is the suspect drive letter, i.e. d, e, etc.
  7. It could still be a problem with the drive, or something in the folder went wrong. In the link I gave, there are references to test software from the manufacturers themselves (the drive manufacturers). This is the best way to test the drive. Choose the software that will download a "long test". If all goes well, you will need to select save files in another folder in both programs.
  8. Maybe it's worth starting a discussion "Let's see on which more delusional computer system you will be able to install Windows 11", because I can not see what the last 2 comments and a few more before are related to the topic of the discussion ....
  9. There is a problem with Gigabyte's power supplies. They may catch fire. Another company is recommended.
  10. Are you trying to set a record?
  11. Do a Google search for "renewed mobile". In the results that appear, call the stores and offer them the mobile. Of course the price you will get will be lower than the Yad2 option.
  12. Open "My Computer". Right click on the problematic drive. Select "Properties". Select "Tools" where you will click on Drive Test. Number 2 in this link -
  13. There are also prices, which is for the 128GB versions. At the top end, there is a Tara storage option.
  14. There has long been a debate about whether it is necessary / worthwhile to take a professional camera for a trip, or whether advanced smartphones offer no less good value (at least) than the professional equipment. And here, Apple comes and announces that it has managed to rise a step or even two levels, and now, thanks to one exploding name or another, the iPhone 13 has everything a professional photographer could want, whether in stills or video. is that so ?
  15. Is there a specific model? Is it the same mobile for school? In principle, it is advisable to avoid an HD screen. Still, 2021 ....
  16. And maybe he's right ... because the fact that it's working now, on early and not final / official versions, does not at all guarantee that this is what we will say on October 6th. And in any case, I understand at least, the topic of discussion is whether it is worthwhile, not whether it is possible .......
  17. Unnecessary drama ... really nothing to regret ... life is beautiful!
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