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  1. There is a slightly crooked solution.

    That is, perhaps a solution.

    Move all the material in the folder to another place.

    Delete the existing (problematic) folder.

    Open a new folder, if possible with a different name,

    And preferably only in English.

    Look what's going on.

    If it works well, return the rest of the material .....

  2. Thank you so much for the stuff. ^^^

    Very interesting.

    With or without contact, it ( computational photography  ) What Apple claims the iPhone 13 uses.


    Quote of Milford Cubicle

    Technologically there is no limit here, it is entirely possible.

    Business-wise, not clear If and when it will happen.



    This is the question of the questions .....

  3. Ahhh


    Take it in a completely different direction.

    So let's unite the matter.


    We will take a photographer from his shoulder upwards (so that there will be no personal discussion, suppose the photographer is in the top of the top).

    the mother 13 will meet all his needs equally to the professional equipment that the same photographer uses,

    In stills and video, or just one of them.

    Do the results in low light or cinematic meet the requirements of professional photography?

  4. It could still be a problem with the drive, or something in the folder went wrong.

    In the link I gave, there are references to testing software from the manufacturers themselves

    (Drive Makers).

    This is the best way to test the drive.

    Choose the software that will download a "long test".

    If all goes well, you will have to select save files in another folder

    In both programs.

  5. Quote of Moon-Mage

    Check the drive you are trying to maintain.


    Quote of mic3mic4

    What is the best way to test the drive, and what should I look for or notice in the test?


    Open "My Computer".

    Right click on the problematic drive.

    Select "Properties".

    Choose "Tools"

    There you will click on drive test.



    Number 2 in this link -


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Amazon's parade continues

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