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  1. There has long been a debate about whether it is necessary / worthwhile to take a professional camera for a trip, or whether advanced smartphones offer no less good value (at least) than the professional equipment. And here, Apple comes and announces that it has managed to rise a step or even two levels, and now, thanks to one exploding name or another, the iPhone 13 has everything a professional photographer could want, whether in stills or video. is that so ?
  2. Is there a specific model? Is it the same mobile for school? In principle, it is advisable to avoid an HD screen. Still, 2021 ....
  3. And maybe he's right ... because the fact that it's working now, on early and not final / official versions, does not at all guarantee that this is what we will say on October 6th. And in any case, I understand at least, the topic of discussion is whether it is worthwhile, not whether it is possible .......
  4. Unnecessary drama ... really nothing to regret ... life is beautiful!
  5. Two polar approaches, install immediately versus do not install at all. Obviously it's best to be in the middle, as in many things. What is the middle? Until after the second build from the time the system exits, or in the case of 11, after the first significant update. And of course be attentive to online screams, as is the best tradition in all Microsoft operating systems. Renew, if and when .....
  6. Ahhh, is it time for the weekly question? For design / visual communication studies - the M1 bottle is cool. For the rest - much less. There are excessively good value for money in general (if you do not pull a basic monthly discussion, because then everything will end ....)
  7. It surprises me that the specification is presented clearly ..... for themselves the matter - assuming it is for gaming - will wait, a little patience.
  8. Unrealistic budget! What about the operating system? And what is the problem with filling out a questionnaire as it is?
  9. Please these two with a 14 inch screen and two ones below, with a 15.6 inch screen
  10. you are welcome. Have fun! I was glad to help.
  11. And more about the bottle - according to the leaks, the new generation will be released at the end of October, and a 14-inch laptop will cost $ 1800. This is not just a new model, but an upgraded processor which will be reflected in significantly superior performance. Maybe on Tuesday Wednesday there will be more information.
  12. What are all these monsters like ZBOOK and the like for? A pin called the M1 came and blew up the balloon of workstation mobiles. For studies, there is no need for more than - and in Eilat it will also cost less. Ahhh, it also weighs a pound less. Of course, it would not hurt to know what software it is, but it is worth it anyway. Editing: It is currently reported that from next Tuesday (the day after tomorrow) all Apple products will be reduced by 30 to 40 percent ....
  13. you are welcome ! Due to site limitations, I have no more convenient way to view the specifications. You can print the specifications (including the upgraded drive) and go to the store. Because all the catalog numbers appear there (in the specification) and you will have no problem in the store giving you exactly what appears in it. Successfully !
  14. Here is a specification from KSP that is already better and cheaper .... By the way, you can add a hard drive or take a faster SSD drive (the problem with KSP I did not find at a good price).
  15. got it. Although it can be expensive from stores in another city. And one last question - what is the size of the files you are working with? Are there usually a lot of layers or heavy filters?
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