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  1. The wifi reception problem exists from the moment the computer is purchased. My girlfriend's computer, she assumed "that's it" and did not turn to exercise responsibility. The computer also has a fault in the charging socket, at the moment the computer is unable to charge. When I contacted Del Israel, the fault they claimed was not covered by the warranty because it was an "accidental fault" (this was exactly the definition of the representative), another representative claimed that in his opinion the problem should be covered by the warranty and that he would get back to me. guess what? He did not return. I finally decided to contact Del Global, their response is much more serious and supportive and they promised to send a representative on their behalf to me who would take the computer and return it repaired to my satisfaction. We'll wait and see what happens ... Thanks to everyone
  2. We turned to DELL's service in Israel, the computer is responsible. The problem is that they do not come back to us and there is no reference on their part. I turned to Del Global to see if they had a solution. How can I check for myself if the internal antenna is disconnected / problematic? For me to replace it and the wifi card, the main thing is that the problem will be solved. We turned to DELL's service in Israel, the computer is responsible. The problem is that they do not come back to us and there is no reference on their part. I turned to Del Global to see if they had a solution.
  3. Thank you! I purchased such an external USB adapter. There is no improvement in performance. Are there more recommended? If there is a solution in the form of replacing an internal network card, I would prefer it by dozens of counters. So I ask if there is a higher level network card that will physically fit the computer and also that the computer's BIOS will work with it.
  4. I saw someone on YouTube who installed this card. Will it fit my computer and significantly improve wifi performance?
  5. Hello, I have owned a DELL laptop for almost a year, sample: Dell Inspiron 3493 i5 1035G1 1.0GHZ 512GB SSD 14.0 HD MX230 8GB (3493-1035G18G51GWOS) Since its purchase, there has been a problem of lack of wifi reception. The problem exists in the computer because there is excellent wifi reception in the room, when using other laptops and smartphones there is no problem at all. There is reasonable wifi reception when bringing the computer closer to the wireless router or using a hotspot on the phone when it is close to the laptop. I was thinking of replacing the network card with another card with better performance, but I do not know what standards the network card must meet in order to fit the motherboard that
  6. Hello, I am currently an avid subscriber, considering moving to Bezeq due to an affordable offer from Cellcom that uses Bezeq's infrastructure. Hot's infrastructure in my area is stable, the Bat Yam area. Faults are very rare. Can I expect the same level of stability in Bezeq's infrastructure? Where can I get information about Bezeq's infrastructure level in my area? Thanks
  7. I managed, in the PIN had to type the same password I provided to Google and not the password of the phone. Thanks
  8. Updates that the device is locked by Google even without entering a username in GMAIL. It is locked at the device level.
  9. Hello, I have a xiaomi redmi 3 device. I lost it recently, and I was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands, so I locked the device through Google's FIND MY DEVICE. I found the device after two days, when I entered the password I set on the above site, the device opened but I also had to change the PIN and for that purpose enter the current PIN. The problem is that I do not know what PIN code I need to enter, because I did not set one The device is actually locked by Google, you have to enter the password I entered on the FIND MY DEVICE website every time, and then you have to change the PIN, which as mentioned I do not know. You can use the device but every time you close the screen, you are once again required to enter
  10. The graphics card is built into the processor, the processor is AMD RYZEN 3400G. In the event viewer, there is only an error on forced restart that I have to make every time the fault appears. I brought up the log from the reliability monitor in the previous post, where some of the hardware malfunctioning was recorded some times but it's unclear to which component it belongs.
  11. Thanks, there is no yellow triangle and everything is updated Update: Once again the glitch appeared. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the source of the fault yet with the help of the tips here, the main suspicion at the moment is the supplier but it is not clear to me how I can check it. I checked the reliability monitor, there is a hardware error: Source Windows Summary Hardware error Date 23/04/2020 03:46 Status Report sent Description A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent Code: 141 Parameter 1: ffffcb815e110010 Parameter 2: fffff8
  12. Thanks for 3, how do I check which driver I have? (If this function is related to BIOS then it was updated a few days ago, after the problem of course appeared) Regarding 1,2: There are ways to check the integrity of the motherboard and power supply without replacing them and check for any change? In any case, the fault has not returned for two days.
  13. I suspect him too, that's the first thing I thought of. But not exactly, this is a new power supply that was purchased with the computer about six months ago. I made sure to purchase a quality supplier and not a generic supplier that comes in a package deal with some Chinese package. I purchased this power supply from Seasonic from Amazon which has received relatively good reviews on Amazon. Indeed, the "kettle" cable of the power supply I use has moved from the previous computer (because the power came with an American cable only , But he of course supports Israeli tension) and his situation is not ideal, I will replace him anyway. The question is whether such a malfunction can
  14. Yes, ERROR: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. Guess it has to do with the forced restart.
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