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  1. Thank you so much to all the helpers! After reading the comments and after reading a bit, I realized I had a lot more to read. I'm really leaning in the direction of speakers and amplifier and now I'm trying to look for quality speakers. Anyone have a recommendation?
  2. ,Thank you very much for your help. What do you say about the speakers: Peavey PVi 10 2-Way and Amplifier?
  3. Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty new to the field so I'm trying to figure it out. What does it mean that the power is excessive? Is there no uniform standard for measuring power?
  4. So after the previous system started making problems, I decided to look for a new one. After a long tour of the net, I first discovered that it is difficult to find a powerful stereo system today, and in addition I was able to find some relatively good options. I liked the panasonic sc akx710, but Amazon UK says it is out of stock temporarily, and can be ordered and they will update an expected arrival date. Anyone know anything about this situation? I also found the lg ck57 which looks cool, but I am not so familiar with the lg systems. Are they quality? Are they reliable? And the system I most connected to is the Sony shake x10d, but there was a weird section with it. Sony has not officially announced what its power is, but in answers to questions on Amazon they wrote that its power is 80w RMS per channel (total 160w) with 4 ohm resistance. It is very strange that such an expensive system has such a low power. A LG that costs $ 100 less has a power of 1100w RMS. And also, there is another system of Sony the shake x1d, which is marketed mainly in the East and Europe, which looks exactly the same as its only x10d has a power of 1200w RMS. Anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon? Thanks in advance to all the helpers.
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