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  1. Ok the program did not recognize the file location, I moved to another folder and ran fine.
  2. A. Thanks b. In the middle I did not use len c. The file is in the folder and its contents: Mendi Wolf Itz Chaim Nachman Choen Hana Rivka Golan I did not know where to insert, for safety I put in each folder
  3. I created an array of structures that reads data from a running file, an error appears. The data was not read from the file. Here is the code. Many thanks to the helpers !!! #pragma warning (suppress: 4996) #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include using namespace std; #include #include int len ​​(struct PERSON p) {int leng = strlen (p.first); leng + = strlen (p.last); leng + = 4; return leng; } void fullName (char * p, struct PERSON & person) {char fullName [52]; strcpy (person.first, fullName); strcat (fullName, "");
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