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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed answer! Do you have insights from your experience regarding screen size? It is probably more convenient to program on a large screen, the question of whether studies may be better for a smaller screen
  2. From this experience it just changes the learning experience, I have not come across a reason why not to buy the iPad other than a budget issue. If you have any comments I would love to hear from you. 8 GB is a pass? We are talking here about a net degree computer, degree programming is minimal. Do you speak as one who did the degree or does?
  3. Hello friends! I would be happy to help find a laptop that will provide me with the needs I need during a bachelor's degree in computer science. I also plan to buy the new iPad Pro for the studies themselves, so the computer will be used by me for programming for my degree. Basically I have read a lot on the internet and realized that I do not need a blown up computer so I would love recommendations from the experience of people who have done the degree and understand what the requirements are. By far my understanding - i5 SSD processor 512GB 8RAM very powerful battery PC size / weight -? Budget: up to 4500 NIS so like I said I would be happy for recommendations on a computer more or less with this data, unless someone can enlighten my eyes regarding other data
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Operational Concentration: Equal Computers for Every Demander

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Operational Concentration: Equal Computers for Every Demander

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