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  1. The video card and the memories I want to have on the computer: 3080 video card, and 8X2 16GB cl16 3600 memory Editing: I have a dilemma among the 11600 processors. 10900 So I would like to receive 2 specifications that are suitable for each of the above processors. Thank you What is the maximum budget for purchasing the computer? Is it possible to exceed if necessary? No specific budget. / Games run etc): (Gaming like dragon age 4 forspoken diablo 4 rpg arpg games Will you speed up (OverClocking) to the computer? (Specify the components): No Are there any parts that do not need to be included in the specification? Mouse keyboard and screen Hard and SSD? I already have a 250GB SSD drive only need a standard 1TB drive Do I need peripherals? Is the peripherals included in the computer budget? - Do not specify the resolution and refresh rate of the screen you own / would like to purchase or specify the screen model: + - 2 hz 144K 2-inch screen Is a legal operating system needed as part of the specification? No Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If it is not possible to specify a residential area. There are specific preferences for the case? A simple case without lights and not transparent and such. Is there a need for a disk drive? If it is important to maintain a future upgrade? No Is it possible to make a delivery? No
  2. Size 27-28 inches up to NIS 3 more or less. Not a glossy screen that will not have a reflection of the sun as there is in LG OLED TVs Not a concave flat screen screen. Have a minimum of 122MHZ Screen use: Gaming, movies, web browsing. Release year: 2020- 2021 rotating -PIVOT Type of video card to be: 3070 or 3060. Games type: FORSPOKEN ARPG RPG DRAGON AGE 4 DIABLO 4 Preference for 4K if not then 2K
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