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  1. Hi, really really huge thanks, I replaced the ram slot and it's not crashing anymore right now. Thanks to all the other commenters.
  2. Hi, I checked, in my opinion it is not related to temperature because it crashes even when the computer is not hot and there is no effort of GPU shifting say, the fault now happens very often. It sometimes lets me play on really old computer desires that don't require much but in newer ones it just crashes into the black screen alone after a few minutes
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, I made the NVIDIA video card unavailable and the computer still crashed, this time from a computer shift only. Refers to RAM? Thanks for the answer, the temperature can even reach 80 degrees in my opinion the warranty no longer exists because I opened the computer myself / its time has passed.
  4. Hi, for a while my laptop sometimes crashes from the movement of the computer, most often while playing computer games. The crash is a sudden black screen with lots of flashing white squares and only a forced shutdown of the computer fixes it and restarts the system until the next crash. Attaches a picture (it is important to note that this is not my picture but from someone else who shared on the net but it is the exact same fault): Attaches the details of the computer and the system: The computer itself is asus rog strix G bought about two years ago. Is this the dying of the video card. GPU? I would appreciate your help
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