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  1. I recommend you buy an Asus router, from the new models. Strong with a wifi range that covers the whole house. What the infrastructure companies give is pretty simple
  2. Regarding the writer of the post, the truth is strange that you bought another router and you already have a hotbox at home ... for what? The hotbox is a router and it also has WiFi and the payment is eager. In any case because you have 2 routers in the house now I recommend you do what @ Tomerb1 said so you can cover the whole house on wifi
  3. Regarding the second option you wrote. Why can he not make a wireless bridge between them? I mean the hotbox is the main router and the dlink is a secondary router that serves as an access point and they themselves are connected in a wireless bridge I mean without an ethernet cable. It is not possible?
  4. I tried, and the link does not give internet, even if you are connected with a cable. I did what the guy upstairs said and it still does not work, the problem is that I can not establish communication between the main router and the secondary in a wireless way ...
  5. If bridge restrict is marked as disabled then it is not possible to scan wireless networks and mark them .. only in enabled mode. And I followed this guide step by step .. and still I could not create communication between the main router and the secondary
  6. In such a situation it does work. I mean I connect a network cable between the two I get internet on wifi from the secondary router. But as far as I know yes there is a possibility that the primary and secondary routers will be connected wirelessly, because I have seen here and there people who have indeed managed to do so.
  7. Clear clear ... I might explain what I did and why it still does not work. I went to the main router and there I marked enable bridge (I did not turn the router into bridge mode) I added the MAC address of the link of the link. In Delink's router I went to wireless and there I set up an "access point" that let me scan and found the wireless network at home. After that in the Delink router I turned off the DHCP and also changed the router address to be the same as the main router, just the last digit with a different number. After all this I try to connect to the wilip of the link and there is still no internet from it ... I mean there is no communication between the two. Here I do not understand the problem and how to fix it
  8. Attached here is the guide of the dlink2560u router dsl2650u.pdf
  9. Are you sure the dlink2560u cannot be set as an access point? Because first of all it is possible to choose the management of the router in a wireless access point and even scan and find the main wifi in the house, and it found me the wireless network that is in the house. I know that the router supports 54 megabits per second and it does not matter to me .. Anyway yes it is possible to bridge from the main router to this secondary router and I still did not ... something know how?
  10. Hello, I have a HOTBOX router at home and with it I am connected to the Internet, directly via a network cable. I also have another dlink2650u router that I want to set as an access point, which means that it will receive an Internet signal from the HOTBOX wireless network, and then I will place it elsewhere in the house. I tried everything possible .. I set it up and it does not help .. still I can not get internet what dlink ... something maybe knows how to set it as an access point and create communication between it and the main router - HOTBOX? Thanks so much for all the help!
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