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  1. Why minix? Do not understand big but if you do not go for a streamer then just check that you buy a computer with a quality video card, which will work for you on fhd or ultra and the like, not just hd ... Besides any processor over i3 will do the job really I do not understand big This is what I honestly think about ...
  2. Can't find ... talking about YouTube music yes? I scrolled a lot and saw that it's a problem with a lot of players ... My solution right now is to block alerts completely and put a widget component on the home page. That way there is no image on the lock screen and as for control outside the app, the widget is good enough (even if you have to open the cell phone, you don't have to enter the app ...). If anyone has a solution I would love to know
  3. Hi, this may sound silly, but this section really bothers me (by the way I record from the mobile and it does not allow to press enter so I am not to blame for the visual form of the message ...). When you turn on YouTube music and turn off the device, then the screen saver (when the screen is locked) becomes an enlargement of the image of the song playing, and it drives me crazy, I turned the settings on mobile and app, and nothing !!! The maximum I was able to reach is that if the alerts are turned off completely, then the image does not appear in the background, but the music control also disappears from the locked screen (the forward-back bar and stop / player). I really changed everything - in the display in the alerts in key settings and settings within the app and I did not find a glimmer of hope ... I have oneplus nord 10 If it helps with anything, I would appreciate your help
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Amazon's parade continues

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