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  1. Hi to all the programmers 🙂 My name is Elad, Software Practical Engineer. I am looking to program with a few other people who are beginner / junior programmers for one-two-more projects, so we will gain experience in the field and prepare well for high-tech work as programmers, because without projects ready in the portfolio and without experience it is very difficult to get a job. Once we have completed a number of projects in addition to the knowledge and experience gained, the goal is to present the projects in a LinkedIn profile and / or a resume. I am referring to a project where a website was built as a Full Stack Developer. I program in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, I have knowledge and I would love to start writing a site in ReactJS, and on the server side - C # and SQL server I would love if you would like to join and create such a new group (the goal is to sit for a few hours every day), or if you know a similar group I would be happy to join my offer. You can always try 🤗 Thank you, Elad
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