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  1. 1) that you install wsus then there is synchronization with the computers automatically, but there is no time for updates. 2) Downloading the updates is automatic, but you have to decide which updates you want 3) In wsus you for example for security updates - on the right there is such a window listed decline or approve, ie there are updates waiting for you and you have to approve them (can all confirm) below I wrote you instructions on how to create a policy on how to control the times of the updates so that they do not fire you (God forbid) you need to go to group policy management right button on the folder you want (with users of course) and then choose Right click on the GPO and then EDIT it is in policies> administrative templates> windows components> windows update and then you will find a template listed there: configure windows updates and double click select ENABLE below it you have configure automatic updating then select auto download and schedule the install and then below it You will have a date and time below that you have more options regarding scheduling not to forget at the end cmd> gpupdate / force
  2. This is because at the wireless point client isolation is set you will see what DHCP settings you get and then maybe you can guess the other user, then run ping sweep
  3. Have you tried to browse here? I would personally download the phone from the domain
  4. Information security in general. Listen, if you're already a programmer and more at university a sign that you have a kind of longing for the field and the ability to self-learn. Suggests going to some recommended cyber course, or doing a home certification depending on your English level.
  5. It is impossible to be accepted into high-tech without a degree, without experience and without any certification.
  6. Wishing you lots of success, I just finished external certification two weeks ago and I am approaching CCNA next time. Just suggest you do not underestimate the difficulty of the test, you will study hard a month before the test
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