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  1. In the coming months, a connection to fiber optics will be made in our community by Norcom Communications Ltd., we are currently connected in a cable package of "Hot" of 500M. Today, the entrance to the house is a cable from a cable company. Until a few months ago the modem was connected in my study to the cable point and connected to a wired computer, the point where it stopped working and then the modem went down to the living room. I think what would be the desired way to connect to the optical fiber because I understand, Creates a network connection from which we will connect at home (wired or wireless). -The network connection in an electrical cabinet is actually a port of a modem, right? With an optical input that left the supplier's equipment? -If we want to move a network cable at home from the router to a study then: * What cable do I need to take advantage of 1G network capabilities? * What is its possible length without compromising performance? Can a 15-20 cable be used Meters? * At the moment, is it possible / worthwhile (in terms of performance) to connect the modem / cable router in the electrical cabinet and transfer Network cable to the study? - Has anyone heard and / or experienced Norcom Communications Ltd.? This company has only one cellular phone and when I was able to get someone there he was unable to give me technical details. They probably only provide infrastructure, what internet provider should you take the internet package from? Are there any differences between the suppliers?
  2. But among the hard drives in the computer the copy speed of small files is about 40-50 megabytes and the amount of 100 megabytes for large files, say a ratio of 0.5. On a USB disk, the ratio is 0.05, which is ten times slower ....
  3. I have a 2.5 "WD disk of 5 terabytes connected to a computer in USB3. The writing speed into it varies between 100 megabytes (usually, not always) when copying large files and 5 (!) Megabytes with relatively small files (about 10 g Iga), the copying between the internal disks in the computer (all in a SATA connection) of the exact same files is done at a speed of more than 100 MB. Maybe there is an explanation and a solution?
  4. The problem is that in the user guide (https://static.tp-link.com/2019/201911/20191105/1910012682_RE200RE220_UG_REV4.0.0.pdf) it is explained that you have to enter the page at http://tplinkrepeater.net/ to change the IP .. I can't get there. I saw something at https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/1398/, where it said "Launch a web browser and type http://tplinkrepeater.net or IP ( by default) in the address field "Is there a way to connect directly by MAC or by connecting directly with an Ethernet cable? Thanks anyway.
  5. Thanks a lot, I'll try this. DA, how do I change his IP address?
  6. I bought a TP-LINK AC750 about two months ago as a safe extender to solve home reception issues (in retrospect, there were no issues but that's a different story) and it connected to the network properly and served as a range extender. It is important to note that at the time we had the older HOT modem that was connected to an internet cable to my computer. I tried to connect to the TP-LINK AC750 from my computer (running Windows 7) to configure it by contacting http://tplinkrepeater.net/ or and I could not, it brings me to the TPLINK page which says there is a problem and offers me Connect with an internet cable directly, even after connecting the cable the problem appears again .... after a lot of attempts the other computer in the house that runs Windows 10 somehow managed to connect once and that's it ... About a month ago I moved Hot's old modem to another cable point and connected the TP-LINK AC750 in an internet cable to my computer for communication (I do not have WiFi or BT in the computer) .It connected instantly and served as my internet connection. This week I started having problems after the older HOT modem was replaced with their newer model called HOT 5 Connect to the WiFi network in the old modem), the AC750 can not connect to the modem, you can see it through the WiFi network and connect which however it is not connected to the modem, in the network it appears as TP-Link_Extender and not as MetworkName_Extender properly. Cable.When turning to the address come to the modem and not the range extender. Book times but he still has not been able to learn the new network. -How to solve this problem? -How to enable both the Internet cable connection and the USB-WiFi connection in WIN7 at the same time? Currently, when cable connection is enabled it is not possible to connect via WiFi.
  7. The modem / router has been replaced and the problem is solved, what is annoying is all the time wasted for free because of the built-in stupidity of Windows that does not specify the fault and that I had to burn an hour on the phone with hot representatives repeating that the problem is with me and not their modem / router ....
  8. Hopefully I will not have to try tonight, I'm going eager to replace the modem / router model hoping it will solve the problem.
  9. Thanks, I'll try in the evening. Anyway, what's this thing about?
  10. I finally managed to get someone in "hot" and after a long conversation with some people they confirmed me to replace the modem with another sample modem, hopefully this will solve the problem .... Another thing, when I try to connect a USB-WiFi adapter (which works with a stationary computer in WIN10) For the problematic computers I am having the same connection problem, when I connect the phone as a hotspot in WiFi I have a proper network connection to the internet. What the hell is going on here?
  11. Some computers see the WiFi networks but are unable to connect while others do. We have a cable connection with a modem / router and increases the range of our WiFi network. Until about half a year ago we used a "Partner" modem and everything worked fine, but half a year ago we switched to an extended 1GB cable package (not fiber) of "Hot", the modem was replaced and problems started. There are two computers (Surface Pro 7 and Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 i5) running Windows 10 that fail to connect to the network no matter what I did, the computer sees all 4 networks (2.4 and 5GB directly and through the range extender) existing and tries to connect to it but displays Unexplained "Failed to connect" error. The screwed-up Windows 10 does not say what / where the problem is but only says "Unable to connect" ... I have another "Shiomi" computer with Windows 10 that connected without a problem and two other laptops with Windows 7 that are also connected. I have been trying for a week to grab the technical support of "Hot" but get a message that they are under sanctions and will get back to me (which they did not), I searched the net but did not find a description of a phenomenon like mine (most results are finding the WiFi network and enabling WiFi on the computer) Starting to despair. Ideas? (ADSL is not a solution because with us it is provided at a speed of 20 MB maximum)
  12. I checked, or rather I tried to check. You can not see anything without disassembling the case or using a camera with optical fiber ....
  13. Do not see an edit button so I will add another question. -Is it possible to use a WIFI router? I prefer to buy something that will be used by me even later and I would like the network on the computer to connect to the RJ45. - Is there a P2P adapter that is RJ45 <-> WiFi? The idea is to buy two of these, one will be connected to a modem and the other to a computer so that the 'wire' of the network will pass through the air. -Will this idea work with USB <-> WiFi as well? That is, the cheapest and simplest adapters. ALT, the modem has a USB connection but I do not know if it can be used by me for communication ...
  14. Due to a malfunction in the cable network we have in the house (of Yes) the modem is not connected to the network port of my computer and I connect which is currently through a "range extender" with a network port purchased at all to improve access to the WiFi network at home. Because I do not know when the fault will be fixed and also because it is good to have such a thing at home I am looking for a cheap USB <-> WiFi adapter that supports 5G band with good enough sensitivity (so weak power will not cut my bandwidth) and will not do problems like Ali's standard junk. I do not mind buying from them but something worthwhile. Is it possible to recommend such an adapter?
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