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  1. Hi I live in a rented apartment and got into a bit of a problem with the infrastructure, at a good time the building connected to Partner's fibers and the only entry point through which the technician managed to thread the fiber was to a point from which there is no network cable. What is there is a channel that is probably blocked [Partner's technician could not thread the fiber through it to install at the point I wanted where I already have a network cable for the rest of the house] Yes there is a flash line that probably reaches the point where I have the fiber and router , But it's probably blocked ... My question: Who is supposed to be able to perhaps thread in a blocked ditch anyway? electrician? There are specific recommendations what to do? If there is anyone who encounters the situation and knows of a professional in the central area [Ramat Gan] who knows how to do it - I would also like to hear quite stuck at the moment with fiber but without being able to enjoy any speeds or stability without a network cable
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