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  1. "NVIDIA * Geforce * graphics cards have offered 10-bit per color out to a full screen Direct X surface since the Geforce 200 series GPUs. Due to the way most applications use traditional Windows API functions to create the application UI and viewport display, * this method is not used for professional applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop *. These programs use OpenGL 10-bit per color buffers which require an NVIDIA * Quadro * GPU with DisplayPort connector. " In July 2019 it was announced that Nvidia announced that it would allow "OpenGL 10-bit per color buffers" even on non-Quadro handsets. --- "Unnecessary and pretentious"? Sometimes it is better to get advice from giving advice (certainly when there is no idea what they are talking about) Those who are professionally engaged in image printing (on media: paper, etc.) benefit from working with AdobeRGB color space (of course a monitor capable of displaying AdobeRGB is required).
  2. Offers you to include a Nvidia Quadro graphics card. For the reason that it supports 30 bit Color also through the use of OpenGL buffers (as opposed to graphics cards, which do not support 30 bit Color at all - or do support but only through the use of ActiveX buffers and even then only in Full Screen mode). Support for 30-bit Color is required to support Wide Gamut monitors designed to display the full color space of AdobeRGB, which represents the color set that can be expressed in CMYK printing of an image on paper. --- I am considering selling my Dell Precision computer with an i7 7700K processor with 32GB DDR4 memory and a Quadro 2000 graphics card. If you are interested, leave contact information.
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