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  1. True but if surfers from other places like university or workplace have a good chance of having wifi6 then a computer that supports it will get higher speed? Or it could be that our world is progressing fast so there is a chance that soon everyone will have a router that supports wifi6 - as it now goes strong in the 5th generation of surfing cell phones (if I am wrong I would be happy to fix) by the way which of these 2 computers would you buy : // -win10-webcam-iron-gray-backlit-keyboard-fp-reader / and this is the Lenovo flex 1065g7-1-3ghz-512gb-ssd-16gb-15-6-1920x1080-touchscreen-bt-win10-webcam-graphite-gray-backlit-keyboard-fp-reader /
  2. So much so that the flex series is less good than yoga ?? Even if the processor is less good, the memory is smaller, the computer in general is a little older, the wifi5 (and not 6) and even the graphics card is a little less good .... with all this, is yoga better ???
  3. I was wrong in the data I said at the beginning, yoga is not 12gb but 8, all the data exactly as it appears in the 2 links I sent, if you look exactly at the specifications in the links I sent what do you think?
  4. Mostly studies, but also good surfing (less gaming and graphic editing software if that's the question), but I want it to last me at least a few years so I've wondering about wifi 5 or wifi 6
  5. This is the Lenovo Yoga computer 6-1920x1080-touchscreen-win10-webcam-iron-gray-backlit-keyboard-fp-reader / and this is the Lenovo flex -core-i7-1065g7-1-3ghz-512gb-ssd-16gb-15-6-1920x1080-touchscreen-bt-win10-webcam-graphite-gray-backlit-keyboard-fp-reader / There are computer specifications below, leave The price is not up to date, for me it costs the same price, what would you buy ??
  6. Thank you very much for the detail! I will deepen my question I am a bit hesitant because I have the option to buy the same price or either a Lenovo yoga computer with wifi5 and 12gb internal memory without hdmi connection and a slightly better battery, or Lenovo flex with wifi6 and a slightly better processor and 16gb internal memory and what is convenient Having an HDMI connection, all the other details are pretty similar to what would you go for?
  7. How much would you recommend insisting on buying a new computer on 6 ac wifi instead of 5 ac wifi? Are there really any differences between the speeds and is it worth looking for a computer only in the 6th generation of wifi ?? In addition, I would be happy in your general opinion, which Lenovo models are considered the highest quality? yoga flex IdeaPad It's clear to me that it depends on a lot of things on the specific computer like processor and the like, but in general is there any priority rating between them?
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