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  1. After further investigation, it turns out that I will not have to move around with the computer, so I will make a specification and build a stationary computer myself. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Absolutely right, the point is to commute to school. The second option is to really buy a stationary, upgrade the current mobile (Dell Vostro) and disable the partner once a week .. Thanks Kirill, I will go over the details!
  3. Hi hey, I'm starting to study design soon, and need a laptop that can function well with design and editing software. I would prefer something that would be slightly above the minimum requirements. In accordance with the rules, answers to the questionnaire are attached. Thanks! 1. Maximum budget 6000, prefers not to exceed it 2. Graphic editing, 3D design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender) 4. I would love recommendations for keyboard, mouse, docking station and screen 5. - 6. No matter what noise the computer may make 7. There is no restriction or preference regarding the size and weight of the computer 8. No operating system or software package needed 9. Holon area (Rishon LeZion-Tel Aviv) 10. Planning to purchase in the coming month 11. No special requests XNUMX. The computer will be connected to a docking station, and from there to the screen
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