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  1. I checked what you wrote down. I have three devices: phone, tablet and laptop. Only the tablet recognizes the 5G network, the other two do not. But in all of them I get a speed of about 50 MB. What could be the reason why the devices do not recognize the 5G? As for speed, could it be related to a network card or other component I need to support higher speeds? In the router modem I did not find any setting that seemed to me related. Thanks
  2. thank you for the answer. Yes, I connected to 300 MB. I will try what you have written and update.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently joined Partner's Fiber. I am using a XIAOMI Redmi AX6 private router modem. When I connect to a router modem with a cable I get 280 MB of speed (download). When I connect wirelessly I only get 50 MB. I see the speed of a wireless connection on both my computer and my phone. What can I check / do / change so that I get similar speed in a wireless connection? Thanks in advance, with me
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