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  1. I assume that the image you attached is taken from the following guide: Note that this is a guide that is not related to the bebeq router. When I wrote "I tried and failed" I really referred to these instructions - they do not work on my router. I also tried to go to the network in file explorer and under network infrastructure I get an HT-138-S device and when I click on it, it directs me to the address which is the address of the router, but I get the following caption: Bezeq router interface Dear customer, Bezeq keeps you With a cyber service in order to access the router interface, you must download Bezeq's Be Bezeq app in the app store. It seems that the next stop is to contact Bezeq. I doubt they will help me ...
  2. Hello, I have a bezeq router. It has a usb input c. I wanted to ask if this login can be used to share an external hard drive or as a dnla server. I did not succeed ... If not, why is this entry intended? Thanks!
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