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  1. For sound editing I have no special need for a tax card. And as someone who does not know sorry if I am wrong, I will use the processor's built-in video card. I realized this is acceptable. (I do not need to go beyond watching movies and series online in high quality, the software does not require anything heavy) Where should I focus to improve the board?
  2. Hello, I'm time to buy a new desktop computer for the purpose of sound editing. For those who do not know the meaning is to run music editing software like Ableton and Cribase as many channels as possible before the software crashes (a 150 channel project should be enough for me.) The price should be around 4K NIS. For a powerful enough processor? Is the board a Wifi board? In the future I would like to upgrade the memory card, is there anything recommended 32GB? Is the quote fair on both sides?
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