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  1. I think in the end I will still pay the $ 1000 as you say but it seems to me that I got thanks to you some direction in this section, I am looking for a board with TYPE C 2X2 instead of TB4, it should make the choice easier, and probably also out of pocket thanks!
  2. I understand, I'm aiming higher for being ready for the future in 7 years (the design is to buy that should not be upgraded to this range if not more, and yes, I prefer not to invest in buying PCIE cards for a friend. Less connects to it if possible it will be part of the board.)
  3. Sabba, thanks and yes, motherboards in desktops today reach 3.2 GEN 2 TYPE 2 - usually painted in red (at least in gigabytes) at a rate of 10GBPS 3.2 GEN1 provide 5GBPS TYPE C TB4 reach a rate of 40GBPS! (This is probably mostly effective for less display To hard drive)
  4. Thanks for the comment - I'm talking about red USB 3.2 TYPE A ports. The THUNDERBOLT 4 ports should be TYPEC with which I hope to connect an external hard drive or something like that (I guess it is not relevant in the motherboard for port / VR port because such ports should be used via the NVIDIA style graphics card. Do you have an idea about a motherboard that will include everything? (I gave some examples but I have a hard time choosing)
  5. In short, right, you really do not need everything, just want it to be of all the latest things. Tablets with WiFi 6E are available without a problem, and a card can also be upgraded (I do not compromise on that, works mainly wirelessly with the stationary and in combination with VR - WiFi is a magic solution at high speeds - within the network of course) USB 3.2 - seems to me worthwhile when there are no such cards. Keep up with what I read in the reviews on Amazon Thundrbolt 4 as I saw - super fast USBC connection, I think it would be really nice if I connect an external drive in USBC to the computer that will be so fast (that is if I understand the use of TB correctly) LAN 10GB - I admit, I do not think I will have a router with such a LAN in the near future - there is a situation that it is optional, since 2.5GBE is more likely to have (I look at it only for transfers within the local network - where I want things to fly) RGB - I think it should be In the board because otherwise the board itself will not light up .. like I said, it's a bonus that I really feel like. What do you think?
  6. Question for the understanding audience: Looking to buy a Z590 motherboard (aimed at an 11th generation processor) I have a very difficult dilemma in the following conditions I place on the motherboard (please correct me if I am wrong in my technical knowledge of things): as many USB ports (preferably 10 GBPS) (looking for total "About 8+ ports minimum 6) that will be a THUNDERBOLT4 40GBPS port (in case you need fast information transfer) - at least one, not sure if the ports built into the motherboard are just for screen and such RGB lights for game sync + it's beautiful and I love this cruise WIFI 6E Built-in (so that it is already ready for the maximum WIFI that exists + 5.2BT) Built-in LAN 2.5GB or 10GBPS card I really am debating whether a board will have a look (it may have just sat at home but I enjoy a cool design) My downside is that some do not provide what I want or are too expensive (I would prefer to pay less than $ 1000 per motherboard including shipping (from what I found on Amazon) Asus Maximus XII Hero \ Apex \ Extreme Gigabyte Aorus Master \ Ultra \ Extreme this is what I saw I would love to know all about . Thanks!
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