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  1. It's really annoying. I bought through them a Shiomi vacuum cleaner with a one-year warranty (also on the battery). The battery does not survive after half a year. The official importer does not claim that there is no warranty but the hassle of getting a new battery (if they really have one) is insane. In short, need a lot of energy in front of these companies today and do the math if you feel like wasting your precious time on it.
  2. I am a subscriber of STING and also Cellcom. Both of these companies have their ANDROID converters that for some reason I can not see in Hebrew via VLC (also with a coding change to WINDOWS ISO). In contrast, I have a MI BOX (three) that has no problem seeing subtitles via VLC. It seems the settings are the same in all converters so I wonder if anyone knows what's going on.
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