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  1. Thanks. That's the thing I could not find such a price for such a specification in the stores I mentioned. Even a lower specification costs more ... maybe I'm missing something, maybe there are only unnecessary premium components - can help with a similar specification combination from one of the recommended stores?
  2. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya - "HP OMEN" in KSP Black Friday because it's cheaper than assembling a computer in one of the best and cheapest stores (TMS, PC CENTER, Yahav Computers, START PC) - i7-11700K, 32GB, 0.5TB + 1TB SSD, RTX 3080 10GB in 9,100 NIS. (Can not post link) By the way, the bug has the same computer only with a previous generation i7-10700K switch for 8,100 NIS - what do you think?
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