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  1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? 5000, can be exceeded if necessary 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), there is a specific example of a game or software? Programming, and building websites in WordPress Using the software: in visual studio code, pycharm dockers, some video editing and documents 3. Is there a need for peripherals in addition to the computer (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No. 4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached to the assembly) No 5. How important is the quiet operation of the computer? Quite important 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? Yes, priority for low weight 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if so, it is advisable to specify a preferred version) and / or a computer train in the store? Yes, an operating system is required - it is not critical which 8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If not it is also possible to specify a residential area. Jerusalem area 9. When is the purchase of the computer planned (it is highly recommended to request a short specification from the time of purchase)? In the next few days 10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (e.g. USB Type-C or FireWire) or overclocking? Type c would be nice - not critical 11. Is there any peripherals that will be plugged in? If so, which one? (Docking station if laptops / screen one way or another) Screen, keyboard, nothing special 12. Additional notes, extended details and miscellaneous: No thanks!
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