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  1. Thanks honestly it's a very old g550 computer I did not purchase yesterday. Regarding what you said what is balanced what do you mean? This is for testing or it is also possible to change if it works continuously. I do not think it is normal after a minute or so it turns on again like this all the time the work.
  2. What does it mean to control the fan? I do not want to touch just so that it does not get into a state of overheating Can there be one of the following possibilities is connected without a battery always to electricity a second option is that the cpu is probably on 100 because Windows lost that previously stole a cpu download software you said
  3. Hello I have a laptop for Lenovo.The cooling fan works almost continuously There is only one What is the reason why it is possible to change its settings? Is it related that the computer is always connected to the charger? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone I bought an external sound card Operating system 7 The thing I connect it to usb is lit. The problem is that in the cubes (music editing software) it shows it in the drivers but does not let it be selected.
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