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  1. It also says that it is not complicated to repair and they will release an update in about a month.
  2. Laptop? Maybe in the lab they can arrange. Desktop computer? Just install a cheap video card.
  3. Does this happen even when the monitor is connected as a single monitor on the computer?
  4. Separate the physical drive from the signal that the operating system assigns to the drive. Disk Manager sees the drive (disk 1) but does not see that it has a file system on it. If this is still the case then the software should find this drive as well. If it does not appear at all, then only an information recovery company can help and it is a matter of a few thousand shekels.
  5. אתה יכול לבדוק עם התוכנה הזו אם בכלל אפשר למצוא קבצים. הגרסא המלאה בתשלום, אבל אתה יכול לבדוק ולשחזר עד 2 ג'יגה של קבצים בחינם.
  6. If it appears in Disk Manager, you can run recovery software and try to extract files. Do not re-use the drive.
  7. Usually it's the damaged video card. Or the memory attached to it. Do not think that replacing thermal ointment (even if you do not put too much) and cleaning fans will help.
  8. Not all TYPE-C connections are created equal. Usually mobiles will work with such an adapter, and desktops need something that serves as another video card that is simply connected via USB.
  9. Smooth viewing of what? Web pages and document processors? - Probably.
  10. This is about the speed of the drive. In the most optimal case it will write 500 megabytes per second.
  11. I have one of the latest from Sony. On the one hand it is really bad in terms of reliability and makes me a lot of problems. On the other hand I have been using it for 6 years ... If we are already here, how are the HP laptops? The ENVY series for example?
  12. You should invest in two front speakers, which will be used to play music. From my experience with speakers of different types mixed together in the 5.1 system, playing music from all the speakers together sounds less good because the rear has a lesser range so the sound sounds different there. But as they say there are those who like it.
  13. There may be software that will split, but the headphones have a delay and if he hears what is heard from the speakers while using the headphones then it will sound strange to him.
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