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  1. This month I received a message from Google that I need to update the drive software I use. I have 3 accounts that I use simultaneously and back up through them. (Studies, Work and Personal) I have not found how to add another account that will be backed up simultaneously with additional accounts. (The software requires disconnection from an existing account in order to add a new one) Did anyone find a solution to this issue? Thank you!
  2. Register in search remote desktop ... external anydesk good and free
  3. Everyone provides in the end, the question of what needs to go through them in order for them to deliver. Check ILFiber on Pace, there is a lot of vital information there ... Anyway, as long as you are a partner, I would not squint at any other company. No one competes with them, neither in prices nor in service.
  4. Overall they are great. There is very good stability and does not experience disconnections almost at all. In terms of wifi, I live in a relatively small house 50 sqm, so I am not the person to ask him that. Anyway, if you insist, you can always work if your equipment. ( Level router and not the Kakamika they rent) ask in ILFiber on Facebook, there is a lot of useful information there.
  5. In my opinion and experience, it is important to choose a business series, because the quality of the assembly and the internal structure of the mobile is higher quality. In addition, it is important to take into account the responsibility and how effective its utilization is in the country. I've been with a Thinkpad from a business series for 3 years now and do not even feel the onset of computer slowdown or wear and tear. I had to run the warranty once, when the CPU fans stopped working (in populated it happened because full of dirt) and without too many questions, a technician sent me home with a replacement ventilation system. HP business is also considered quality. There are still a number of models with the old square design, I am even one of those who love and look for it.
  6. What a profile + something in the style of the Wonder Sponge
  7. I would buy a wireless network card that supports Wifi6 and replaces my laptop. Sounds to me like a more reliable solution. Something like this: Plus a serious router replacement with good reviews (WIFI6), with fiber adapter. This is the ideal in my opinion.
  8. To take advantage of 1000 MB of wireless, you need a router and a network card that support WIFI6. (To the best of my knowledge) If you do not have one, then you are limited in your level of severity. The router provided through the communications companies does not support. (Unless you have a private router) and a network card in your computer should also support the new standard. In a landline connection you should get in the 900-950 download and 100 upload range.
  9. Check with Cellcom. I had something similar recently and checked a Cellcom website and within a day I had fiber at home. The actual connection is made by the technician who comes to connect you.
  10. I did mean the Evo Plus. thanks for the answers. great week.
  11. Thank you. The A2000 looks significantly slower and the 750 is about 200 NIS less than the EVO 970 pro. I would be happy for further comments and clarifications.
  12. So after further testing I discovered that I can only insert Single sided SSD. Is there anything recommended? (The two options above are irrelevant to me). Or is there a reliable single sided other than the expensive Evo 970? Currently thinking about Crucial P1 ...
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to purchase a new SSD in addition to the computer as I am starting to feel some limitation in my storage space. I purchased an adapter for m.2 for my Thinkpad P51 laptop. Now is the time to decide on the right drive and I realized that it is important to choose a reliable model and manufacturer. I have a dilemma between two different drives and wanted to consult, is it worth adding some more money for a slightly more expensive drive (and I guess more reliable, in most models) first: A-DATA XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe SSD NVME 1TB in the 650 NIS range. The second: Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD4 1TB SSD M.2 2280 in the 500 NIS range. I would love insights and advice. Thanks in advance.
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