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  1. Get to know it or this = NUC10I5FNH-8-256 And there are many other similar options and many processors. The other one is a little quieter and a little smaller. More memory, more storage and in the case of the first one can put a processor faster. There is also WIFI in the other and for the first time it is another NIS 100
  2. Sometimes products whose uniqueness is precisely the color are needed. So we put a link on the site for pink products 🙂 There are mobile devices, peripherals and soon (about a month and a half) there will be pink enclosures .... Laptops, phones and other pink products on the site ... So hope we helped those who are pink important to him / her 🙂
  3. There are lots of parts available of all types and colors. And at the same time there are problems because: 1. Corona 2. Passover. 3. Independence Day. 4. Intel has been stuck with processor shortages since October 2018 Cause number 1 includes within it various problems 1. The Chinese did not really work 2. The world stopped. Airborne and marine shipments are crawling and everything is moving slower in the world 3. Courier companies are collapsing 4. Click on assemblies. Crazy orders 5. Imports from importers / companies and a shortage of employees, but we have boards and processors from both Intel and AMD and there are video cards, memories, cases and suppliers and everything else in stock. It may not be exactly the model you want but a computer!
  4. And there's ASUSTOR and more and more. It's all a question of exactly what you should do
  5. And there are also 2200G, 2400G and of course ATHLON 3000 and some more
  6. Exactly. No. Although there was an error, it was fixed immediately. Your reaction is now also perpetuated in my reactions and this is how Google will see and we have also created a promotion for this name.
  7. The truth is you are not something. What is a plumber? This is actually related to the topic of discussion 😛
  8. This is actually an irrelevant question in our case for over 22 years. Take a look at the address page. We have been bringing car products for 22 years 🙂 this way it has always been to save people time and continues beauty in the same way even now
  9. We have some shortcomings. It's hard to point out specific things except for webcams and laptops (there are all but less variety) and the 3400G processors have fun. And we have both deliveries and the audience allowed to enter the building and bring the products to the vehicle as long as permitted by law.
  10. Recently the drives have become SSD and they do not heat up interestingly unless you decide to close the computer in a closed cabinet and then the heat has nowhere to go
  11. And following the previous response the world has changed a bit. Starting in July 2019 the processors that give the better performance against price are AMD processors and of course you will need to replace a board, processor, memory.
  12. they are cute. We have lots of solutions from both Asus and others that are available in stock and if you are quick enough it can pick us up by 18pm today from Tel Aviv are also clean. Asus VC00, DeksMini A66 series and more
  13. If not pressed wait a few months. There is a huge shortage of mobile devices right now due to the move to quarantine and lack of products in the market. And in April / May, a new generation of AMD processors will come out and then they will return to create new ones in China.
  14. Go to a neutral site (not a store) and look for reading material on some topics 1. Rise in $ last week (about 6% in last week) 2. Rise in global air / sea shipping costs in the last month (4-6 times per kilo) 3. Supply problems Of lots of products from various importers / exporters 4. Far East manufacturing (and supply) problems of new stock 5. Cancellation of discounts by importers / traders from manufacturers and the truth that all this does not really matter anymore. The chances of getting the computer you want before the silence / stop .... are slim. But it's worth continuing to look for equal deals. Includes an excellent video of Linus about two weeks ago
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