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  1. ^^^^ : screwy:

    Nice you're sure.

    On the other hand, you're also sure that Einstein does not understand his life. Oh, and you think it based on your rich experience in junior high school physics.

    Maybe you'll share us with something you're sure about?

    But this is not true for all XYZN ...

    : kopfpatsch:

    Oh, oh, I'm sick of you.

    A'. Yes Eskimos are in Greenland, darling. (Or at least there are such people in the barracks)

    B'. Please, please please, if n = 1, y = 1, x = 1, z = 3, prove to me that this is true.

    third'. In addition, if I am not mistaken, Fermat proved (or at least claimed) long before a + + b = = c לעולם would never be true for a, b, c.


    Now everything is understandable?

    Although I rely on my middle school knowledge (and I do not, DA), but I think you should go back to middle school, I think your knowledge is bordering on that of my brother.

    Not to mention your mental level that I doubt she does not need treatment.

    And what are you going to do now, give me Ban from the vegetable?

    Oh no!

    Just not that!

    Homo gave me a ban from the vegetable!

    Come on grow up zero.

  2. A Bedouin died and left behind three sons and 17 camels.

    In his will he left half of the camels to his eldest son, one-third of the camels to his second son, and nine of the camels to the youngest son.

    How will the sons be divided equally according to the will? (Without slaughtering even a camel ...)

    They can not divide equally because 17 is not divisible by 3 ...

  3. : kopfpatsch:

    You heard about Eskimos? In the Arctic Circle, located in the heart of the Arctic Ocean, the temperature is so low that ice has not melted for several million years. At that time they had settled there , Such as penguins, bears, sea lions, seals and humans.

    As for the walls, it depends on which side of the walls intend (outer or interior ...)

    Eskimos are in Greenland - that's what I'm sure of.

    Although there may be dry land in the North Pole. (With Eskimos - I have no idea.)

    Anyway, I think it means the South Pole, because all the walls face south. (Barton, come on, I've written that all the north walls face north - is not that enough?)

  4. white

    Location - Northern pole

    Puzzle mode - too old and familiar

    Southern pole ..

    For several reasons:

    A'. The most obvious of all is that at the North Pole all the walls will turn north.

    B'. The North Pole is an ocean, and there is no land and certainly no bears.

    Kerry, Antarctica, the South Pole.

  5. There are no indications in 4.

    The best thing to do, is to start on 5 CPP, try the XYUMX class to do in the 5 CPA, and then, if it's hard for you then you'll go down to the 4 CPA.

    After all, most middle schools in Israel will not submit you to any questionnaires, so it will not matter if you even sit on the 15 score, but what's more, you'll learn 4's material at a much higher level, which will make it easier for you to decide .

    Are you serious?

    Wai I do not tolerate indoctrination!

    Maybe I'll go on the 4 will begin. :)

  6. True, but the PLO! = Hamas. The PLO may be able to recognize the right to exist Hamas does not. What can you discuss, when the other side thinks you should be killed? Fatah is the organization that controls the PLO.

    Well, decide. Either way.

    I am very decisive - there are no negotiations with Hamas.

    What I said is that it is not necessary to cancel negotiations only because they are Hamas / a terrorist organization in general - but because they do not recognize Israel.

    I just wanted to make the difference between them.

  7. Need to distinguish between 2 things

    1. Incorrect proof

    2. Details drop down

    Your proof is just wrong! You can not prove to prove anything at all by detail. What you have proved is a private case, and you have taken it very incorrectly that the general case is correct. You can not possibly prove something by example, if such proof is possible then read before a page how I have shown you that X + 1 = 2 is true for all x. Every normal school teaches that it is impossible to prove something general by example.

    My proof, on the other hand, is very correct, but I do not go into detail.

    It's because I did not write "let's say cam chatroulette cam that it's true after n steps correct and correct assumption for n + 1 steps" it's because after a bachelor's degree no one messes with this middle school's nonsense write just like a parakeet parakeet base discount and this step make do with base and step and all The rest is unnecessary.

    Apparently they did not teach you what is wrong proof, and what proof is it that they simply failed to write clear details.

    In fact I meant only that you did not record a summary sentence. P:

    And me and him are not the same person - if I protect him it does not mean I am the same one.

    Again, he only gave an example to reinforce the claim, he did not prove in the example.

    DA, this really dumb debate, "Have you been proved correctly," the final answer is correct, it's not a test or something.

  8. As far as I know, in 5 and 4 the material itself overlaps, except for a few things:

    The level is higher in 5, much higher.

    But it's the same stuff.

    Logins are also found in both 5 and 4, but for example, 5 will have much more difficult questions, although the material studied is the same.

    And as far as I know, the only material you learn in 5 that does not learn in 4 is vectors, someone said here inductions - I think that all types are also studied in 4.

  9. You do not

    You will always have an even number of liters in all containers no matter what you do

    Induction Proof -

    Start conditions - all have an odd number, 6 has 6 and all the rest is 0

    Step - Take a container with an even number and transfer to another container that has an even number and you will have an even number in each of them

    Oh, oh, your stubbornness is stupid.

    Because here, too, you have not proved anything - because this is not proof by induction what you wrote here.

    And you're arguing with him just because he gave an example of proof?

    Like, because he gave way longer ?!

    damn it..

    DA, your riddle is saying aloud, is not it?

  10. What is the connection at all? We also study vectors in physics, that there are students in my class who get along with the material in a superior way, without any prior knowledge of mathematics.

    I have several children in the Physics class who are in the 4 class and their grades are as good as ours [and even pass].

    Yes, I know that, but you do not learn vectors in a math class.

    There's a difference, because in physics you learn vectors for physics, and in mathematics you learn more about the basics and what it actually is.

    Although Anla does not know that I'm not in high school yet, but I want to expand physics and I talked to some people about this and that's what I was told ...

  11. A few comments about that above me.

    - In the university, 4 requires units of study in mathematics, in the exact sciences. The bonus obtained from 4 study units is lower than the bonus obtained for 5 study units, and therefore harms the average relative to others, so it appears to require 5 study units.

    In the army, there is no role that requires 5 units in mathematics (there are those that require a lot more, but the intention is already a bachelor's or master's degree), but there is a role in which the classification begins, among others, from those who are in 5 units and technological trends, His excellents.

    - You should make 5 study units, for the sole reason that it is not as difficult as it seems. Some will say that it is not difficult at all.

    As for the first - I'm not sure about this ...

    For example, in physics studies at the university, you will be obligated to have an 5 starting in adulthood.

    I think it's even like that in high school.

    According to what I know, vectors are not taught by 4 students and will begin with 5 students.


  12. No one will tell God not to play with dice

    A'. It is "Do not tell God what to do."

    B'. You inserted it at an inappropriate time. (At least I do not see the context)

    It's really strange that this is what happened. Well, were you in black?

  13. It's possible to move in time we do it all the time moving at a constant pace forward for each action has a result, you will never see a result before the action. The universe strives for "disorder" and unity and any attempt to change it requires energy.

    I do not think we can go back in time. I think we would already encounter visitors from the future, hysterics and just people who will find this period interesting.

    In my opinion, it is possible to manipulate the speed at which time passes as they say it is all relative, and a person moving at the speed of light for him time stops. I guess it works well in the other direction of speed up the time I'm not sure how.

    At the moment we can make do with seeing the past only, who knows maybe one day our telescopes will be so strong and we will know how to control the gravity so that we will see our past.

    If we can catch the light that came out of the earth thousands of years ago and is currently traveling somewhere in space.

    You will not succeed because it moves at the speed of light, and already caught fore in front of you.

  14. NeverMore - Born

    Funky-munch, if you like some open-muse :P

    Do you know Nevermore?

    If the answer is no, then you should try, it's very very advanced metal, and you might like it if you give it a chance,

    Do not worry, it's not scary metal, it's just very heavy, but if you have an open mind, I think your view of Metal will change so far.

    If you decide to try, it is best to try the latest material especially the newest one.

    As an advanced lover of yours, I think you will find an interest in this band : xyxthumbs:

    You mean like Dream Theater and Sefonic-X?

  15. Dream Theater - Metropolis (They have real songs but really long (and good of course) (Well, it's not that much, it's instrumental, but it's fine), and if they're on the quality of 320kbps they can get over 32 mega (at least for me))

    The length of their songs is perfectly normal for prog works.

    How many, 15-20 minutes do they do, do not they?

  16. In the Bermuda Triangle there is a magnetic field or something that makes electronic devices "go crazy."

    One of the "side effects" of this is that this thing that shows the relativity between the earth and the airplane (if anyone can tell me what it's called) turns upside down.

    And so much Are mistaken and think they are upside down, turning back and then discovering that they are now upside down - losing control and crashing.

    And there are other things with the ships and so on ...

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