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  1. A few days ago I bought a new expertbook from Asus (7th generation I11, 16GB of memory, 1TB SSD and Windows PRO built and original of course). I have an MX MASTER 3 and an MX KEYS keyboard - all new of course. With the mouse, every few seconds / half a minute there is such a "blow" that the cursor gets stuck and it takes a second or two until it is released. It disgusts me. With the keyboard too, only it's a little less noticeable when typing. I tried to download an up-to-date driver, nothing. I tried diagnostics with MY ASUS - everything is fine. As far as I am concerned I was told that because the BT is soldered to the board, I need to replace the entire motherboard. I told them that they would look for me, in a little nicer words, because I am not ready at the computer for about NIS 7000.
  2. Update: It doesn't even get to the point of telling me that the password is wrong or something, I deliberately entered the wrong username and password and it continues to "grind" "Search your settings" endlessly ... Same as someone else's email address In the office, and if I'm wrong, I've already had the chance to try my Gmail - the same thing .. I removed it and reinstalled and the same thing ... freaking out how it makes sense
  3. I will elaborate a bit: At home I have a Windows 10 with "Mail" app - I logged into the IMAP office email with no problem and for two minutes. In the office itself I did the same thing and it stuck on: "Searching for your settings" (after entering a username and password) for hours..even all last night ... I did a software grate - doesn't help
  4. I have linksysys ea8300 a few months old. When he was not connected to a stationary computer in a wired connection until recently - there was no problem during those months. Recently, I switched to mobile only and from that moment on, I was disconnected from time to time. I tried to switch between 5GHZ and 2.4 without success. I will be happy to assist
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