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  1. Recently, the software was "replaced" from the backup and sync to Google Drive. Until then all the files I would keep in my office management software would automatically sync to drive and since then not. I entered the drive settings and I have no option to select a folder there, contrary to what you see here in the attached picture .. Anyone have an idea? what am I missing?
  2. I do not know if this is the place, because it probably matters networking, but the email of my office is "hosted" if that is the word, in Tranzila. Until a few months ago I had a Note 20 Ultra and everything was ten with the same address, the same password and the same everything. I switched two or three months ago to the S21 Ultra, I redefined everything and also wanted the Outlook and from here nothing worked. I turned to their support a lot of times, tried such a setting, another setting, such a server and another server and nothing. Finally they decided that Microsoft probably does not support their service / server or anything like that anymore. To me it sounds a bit illogical .. I would love ideas
  3. Hear I hardly understand but I think the matter is settled almost completely. I think this is the cancellation of the wired network card driver, or maybe just luck that there was an update to Chrome at the time ...
  4. Regarding heating - I hear in doubt, because it happens a few minutes after I open the computer when all that is open is a few tabs of Chrome, Outlook and that's it ... The use is medium office at most and not beyond and the air conditioner just above it at 24 degrees. Regarding Ethernet - I surf on WIFI so I made it disable and I will try. Unless you say that it is critical to do him a removal to his driver as well etc.
  5. So like this - I got a few days ago to connect my BT laptop to an external speaker (JBL) to listen to music - I noticed that every so often the video on YouTube stops when it is connected. I assumed maybe it's because the connection disconnects in a split second. Another thing - I have the Xerox software for scanning documents from the printer. When I transfer a file from the "feature" (it is in quotes because it is stored on my computer somewhere) to the desktop sometimes the transfer "hangs" to Mero will move a small file that weighs at most one or two megabytes and sometimes takes 10 seconds to transfer something that should not be with SSD. In light of all this - new ideas?
  6. Thanks. And about the built-in video card? Any tips? I'm trying to "expand" in troubleshooting - maybe something there?
  7. Thanks. It seems to be continuing. Could there be such and such SSD drivers? I really do not know what the story is here
  8. So far there has been no success. Is there a chance you think it's something in the SSD? And if so how do you change settings to see if anything changes here? Really weird.
  9. I did what was possible out of these - the same thing. You do not think that the very fact that with MATSER 2S it does not happen but with MSTAER 3 it does it is not a specific matter of the Bluetooth or any driver maybe?
  10. As for the pictures in France - I do not have anything like that, see what I have
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