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  1. BSD Hello friends! 1. I found a 2nd hand supplier of cooler muster and then it turned out that it has no active pfc! Serious bass. 2. I came across a Delta PSU 460W supplier that costs really cheap, what do you think about it? No? And it has active pfc like I wanted in BH. Just looking for a supplier that will save me a lot of electricity and if I understood correctly the pfc does it exactly and does not pull from the system all the voltage it can. Many thanks to the helpers!
  2. 10. If you saw one of the episodes in the dark cases at the farm where the company is hypnotizing everyone who comes to visit, then just what Microsoft has been doing since Windows 10, takes over your computer and personal information through security stories and stories when in practice you are only captive to their dictates. There are a lot of disagreements about your answers from my experience, but thank you very much for praising each section and having Explorer 11 built into Windows 10 it turns out.
  3. Why? Because Windows 7: 1. Lightweight and fast with ssd 2. What is the need for Windows 10? There is no advantage 1! 3. Have been working for years on Windows 7 and everything peaks. 4. The software works in Internet Explorer 10. 5. Can't stand being dictated to me which operating system. 6. Older generation boards have support for Windows 7. 7. What is xp related? Windows 7 gave it a return. 8. Even if I install Windows 10 and there is a problem then it is possible to go back. 9. It is a computer for work not for games and needs armor for spending. 10. Can't stand Windows 10, domineering Windows! You got 10 reasons why not Windows 10! And there is more ...
  4. Hello SD to the forum members, this is about building a computer for Windows 7 to work in the Explorer and Chrome browser, which means you don't need processing power but more memory and a graphics card that will run agile windows without lag (as I have now with an Intel G4400 processor when many windows open 1. The new motherboards do not support Windows 7 on the manufacturer's site, it has a solution? Combina? Previous drivers that fit? I am in the market from this section 2. Suppose there is no solution for section 1, I saw Asus panels from both ends of the ard of amd vs intel, there is Asus td of amd that really impressed me. 3. So I went towards a processor with a built in graphics card of amd and then there are almost no processors and if there is then no box and experience they have no base in the country and it's an easy bet and they cost a little more than Intel. 4. So I went back to Intel Seeing a new g6400 processor that suits me costs cheaper than the old one and then it turns out that it's the new socket 1200 that no longer supports Windows 7! 5. Here I no longer find myself even if I decide I want Intel. 6. I was already thinking of taking some motherboard and buying a 2nd hand processor. Intel already, and I do not really feel like it.I would love an idea outside the box, refinement or innovation that might help me with the decision on the subject. E from this frustration.
  5. A. Into the processor is not possible, to its holder and possibly away the short on the board. B. I lit after half an hour plus, it's an illogical volatile substance left. third. This is my motherboard for a week, I think it was screwed up already and maybe that's how it ended. D. It could be that the short came from a power supply or from the USB connections I sprayed. God. The motherboard was replaced and as a precaution I also moved to another supplier and case. The previous one was rusty. Gigabit motherboard, very delicate from experience, I sprayed countless boards and this is the first time with a different spray, although the board has shortened, a trauma to the next boards that probably need an oil-based spray? Because I saw one like this and did not buy one. Thank you so much for the good will to help, thank you! Everything from God in my many iniquities came to me trouble for atonement.
  6. This is that there is no burnt smell. I connected another power supply ... I have a feeling a spray went into the processor and burned it. If you turn on a motherboard without a processor, is there a response? twitter?
  7. In SD Hello friends, I set up a computer at the mercy of God, worked a peak week. I just brought a spray to clean contacts and cleaned the board with it, after half an hour I turned on and the computer suddenly did not turn on. There is a solution? All my life I have cleaned full boards and never called anything like this. The power supply is lit with the green and black wire. Could it be that the power supply is still the problem?
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