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  1. In my case, when I purchased the ticket was in stock on the website, and the store announced it would take between 3 weeks and a month of delivery. After a week and two weeks the card was still in stock, at a higher price, and only after a month did the card go into "out of stock" status. If this happens on Amazon (rare) within a day or two they report a mistake and cancel. It is true that there are a million reasons to repeal, but where is the Consumer Protection Act?
  2. Hi, I purchased a computer more than a month ago and paid a down payment. Since there has been a shortage and price increase in video cards I have not yet received the computer. Can the store raise my price or is it obligated to provide me with the price according to the invoice at the time of purchase?
  3. Hi, I ordered a little over a month ago a 3060TI based desktop computer in the store claiming there is a shortage and no expectation. What happens in such a situation? Does it make sense to keep waiting? I saw his price go up since I ordered. No pressure to the computer but I'm not sure there is a near horizon. Update - The computer is based on the 10400F 3060TI B460 144HZ QHD screen - ordered two and a half months ago. I placed an order and left a down payment. During the order the ticket was in stock, and I even followed it for a few days and saw how the price was climbing. Called me from the store and offered me to take a card from another company and add about 1000 NIS, for reasons of exceeding the budget (of a 13-year-old child) I refused. I asked to leave the order as it is, but the seller claimed there was no expectation for the ticket. The store has shifted the responsibility to the importer. What do you recommend me to do? Maybe look for another model? Waiting for a ticket that probably won't come with the price I bought? Never before has anything like this happened to me when purchasing from commercial sites abroad. Israbloff at his best !!!
  4. 1-The intolerable pop-up banners. 2-Automatic scrolling.
  5. Hello, this is a 1440p 144 hz screen. Are there any significant differences? I5 10600 processor
  6. Hello managers, why is a site with such quality content built so incorrectly? The site with the highest quality content that is most unfriendly to roam. For your attention.
  7. Since the screen is purchased now and will not be replaced any time soon, the figure you said is encouraging. Curious, on a more or less budget like this, for such requirements, what system would you purchase?
  8. According to TMS Eilat i5 10400f + b460m comes out 920 NIS 3600 + b450 comes out 1020 NIS Total difference of 100 NIS if I did not miss anything. In terms of gaming performance, are they equal?
  9. So basically, from what I understand, a 5600 will give me 10-15 FPS more than a 3600? The 3600 will not really limit the capabilities of the 3070 rtx? In TMS the difference between the processors is 500 NIS, together with the board comes out 600-700 NIS.
  10. Thank you very much .. there is a deviation from the budget here. The budget is around 4500 with easy browsing since an expensive screen was purchased which reduced the budget. If the difference in performance is really significant, I will consider stretching to the specifications you proposed. I read a lot of specifications that you assembled here in the forum (based on 3600) and according to which I tried to assemble. The 10400 is better than the 3600 for the purpose of the types of games I mentioned? I only understood if doing OC and also requires an expensive board. What is the added value for gaming, which I will get from 5600 or 10600 on the cheaper models? As for SSD, shortening game load times or just operating system? Upgrading from 3600 to 5600 will end in 300-500? In that case I saw that the specifications you assembled here go with memories 3600mhz /
  11. Hello, after two weeks of reading specifications from the forum and waiting for a price drop or stabilization, I formulated a direction for the specifications. A gaming computer based on a 3070 video card designed for Fortnite, Rocketleague, valorant and more. The computer will be purchased in about 3 weeks (bar mitzvah). Screen has already been purchased -Dell s2721dgf 2k 165hz The following is the specification: It is preferable to purchase everything from one store in Eilat. 1-AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor + 2-motherboard cooling, debating between: b450M ds3h and b550M ds3h - I did not really find any differences other than support for M.2 SATA and USB 3.2. Is there any point in upgrading to 550? Do they both support ssd nvme? 3-Memory: DDR 4 16G (8GX2) 3200 CL16 4-Drives: A-DATA SSD 512GB XPG GAMMIX S5 NVMe M.2 2280 Deciding whether to combine SSD and HDD or take 1Tra SSD. Is there a difference in speed if the games are sitting on a standard SSD or HD? 5-Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card has an eagle version and a gaming version- I did not really understand the differences 6- Power and chassis regarding power - requires 750W? I would be happy for a recommendation to provide a stable and compatible package. What is the difference between bronze and gold? I would love for corrections / improvements / comments. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, A month ago I consulted here in the forum about buying a computer, a gaming computer budget about 5000 without a screen (I have a 27 2K 144 FPS screen). You were rightly advised to wait. Is it time or is it worth waiting a little longer? no pressure.
  13. What about the lower series? 1080? 2000 series? Supposed to go down?
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