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  1. The TYPE C port on your board is only USB 3.2 GEN 1 or what was once called USB 3.0, so the adapters do not work. You can try plugging in the red TYPE A ("Normal" USB) port on the back which is GEN 2, maybe it will work. Another solution is to buy an expansion card with a TYPE C GEN 2 port like this:
  2. For those who have difficulty:
  3. Do a memory test with Memtest86 for a few hours as a start.
  4. No. You will feel. garlic. difference. point.
  5. Here is an example from yesterday in the blog they announced that they are considering allowing both generation 7 and Zen 1 As we release to Windows Insiders and partner with our OEMs, we will test to identify devices running on Intel 7th generation and AMD Zen 1 that may meet our principles.
  6. There is a tool (not Microsoft) called WHYNOTWIN11 that gives much more detail than the Microsoft tool. Keep in mind that it relies on the requirements that Microsoft has announced and if you learn from the past then chances are they will change.
  7. You are quoting one line from my post that just line up I clarified the legal situation. If there is nothing to add you can also not respond.
  9. Although legally an OEM license is limited to iron in practice you can use it on a completely different computer, only you will need to perform activation over the phone. In fact, it can be done over and over again until Microsoft completely blocks the license.
  10. Back up the material and do a clean installation of 10. After installation you will be charged with the key of 7.
  11. The "squeak" you describe sounds like a shortened component, will do a visual inspection of the board for safety and also check if there is a burnt odor.
  12. 11th generation processor? Download RST Driver Deploy the ZIP to USB installation and in the window where to install select LOAD DRIVER and the folder to which you have deployed the driver
  13. If there is a Microsoft account must be reset through Microsoft, if it is a local account then do not need software, only a disk / USB installation of WINDOWS. 1. boot from USB installation 2. press SHIFT + F10 3. type the following commands move c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe.bak copy c: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd. exe c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe 4. Restart and let WINDOWS go up as usual, on the lock screen click the UTILITY MANAGER button 5. In the CMD window that opens use the command to reset the password: net user * username * replace "username" with The user. (You can use the "net user" command to get a list of usernames) 6. To return the original utilman.exe you must upload again from USB installation, SHIFT + F10, and the commands: del c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe ren c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe.bak c: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe
  14. If you want to continue diving into the rabbit lair: and of course there is the USBKILLER that fry the computer / PS / TV that connects it:
  15. You can improvise a test for the fans with an unnecessary USB cable, of course without cutting the connector of the fans.
  16. One fan breaks down, 2 break down, okay, but all three break down at the same time? There is a reasonable possibility that the problem is not with the fans themselves.
  17. There is also here through the settings and of Windows and also some software recommendations.
  18. An email that has not yet been sent is in the OUTBOX.
  19. Any user with administrator privileges can take ownership of a file / folder even if he has no permissions to it at all and then give himself permissions. Feel free to check for yourself. Here:
  20. Any user with administrator privileges can take ownership of the file / folder and change permissions.
  21. With encryption:
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