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  1. Pay the VAT on the final price that includes everything (shipping, handling fees, packaging fees and also Hanukkah fees). To avoid sophistication like a product that costs $ 75 plus $ 2500 shipping fees, below $ 75 right, so there is no VAT ...
  2. IP:
  3. Are there any devices connected to it via USB at night? Are you sure you are doing a full shutdown and not Hibernate or Hibernate? Try disabling fast boot.
  4. -Check what the IP is on the device (which does not start at 169.254) -Reset the router to factory settings (if you have not tried it already)
  5. Try disabling hardware acceleration and see if there is an effect.
  6. Is screen 2 connected with VGA? If so then shutting it down does not affect, only disconnecting the cable. If possible, change the connection type to HDMI or DP.
  7. You select the monitor you want to be the main one and then mark down below V in "Make this monitor my main monitor" it may just transfer the problem to another monitor but try.
  8. Settings> System> Display> Remove the V from the second option (Automatically adjust contrast based on the displayed content to help improve battery)
  9. Settings> Network and Internet> WI-FI> Manage known networks> Select the network and click "Forget" (Do this for all networks)> Connect again.
  10. It is not suitable for voltage in the country, look for one that works on 220V not 110V.
  11. There are new boards with PCI slot (for example).
  12. Continuous pressing of the power button for at least 4 seconds should turn off the computer in any mode.
  13. As for the memories, you can stick with the ones you have. The improvement in the performance of faster memories is negligible and you also do not need to expand to 32.
  14. I'm not saying you're wrong I'm just saying you got nothing out of it. They are not known as those who compensate customers and if you decide to go "to the end" it is not the most obvious case. So the sooner you cut right away, the less you mess with it the better.
  15. There is no point in "going up a gear" because it is clearly a mistake in the wording on the site. Even you say that all other sites do not sell with fast charger. If you want to be precise with the iodine tip, then I refer the court's honor to the wording on the website, it says (in accessories) "cargo" and not "fast cargo" and every sane person knows the difference, honorable judge. It will end up with you deciding either to cancel the deal (which is entirely your right and you could also claim to have been misled), or to 'swallow the pill'. I highly doubt if they will offer any compensation, it's KSP.
  16. My recommendation: do not divide. point.
  17. It only happens in the office? Try to make a repair.
  18. Enter KEY MANAGEMENT and look for INSTALL DEFAULT KEYS or change to USER MODE and then enable the SECURE BOOT. If you get tangled up a picture of the possibility that is there will come up.
  19. No problem using Rufus, actually better than Microsoft's tool but download original ISO from Microsoft's site and not one of you will know what they changed in it. And select the first without modifications.
  20. USB 3.2 gen 1 and USB 3.1 gen 1 is actually USB 3.0 in the renaming incarnations they made. There should be backward compatibility but of course you will not get the full speed 20gbps compared to 5gbps. There are adapters from C to A female / male and vice versa
  21. While a bunch of AMD CPUs are officially compatible with Windows 11 OS, this does not mean all is well with the new OS, as AMD and Microsoft have made a discovery that shows an indecent impact on application performance due to higher L3 cache latency. According to details provided by AMD, there are two issues with AMD CPUs and Windows 11 OS, including an around 3x increase in L3 cache latency and UEFI CPPC2 "preferred core" which has problems in scheduling threads on the CPU fastest core. In terms of a performance hit, the increase in latency affects applications sensitive to memory subsystem access time with the performance hit of around 3 to 5 percent in applications and 10 to 15 percent in eSports games. The preferred core issue can be noticed in applications sensitive to the performance of one or a few CPU threads and is more detectable in CPUs with more than eight cores and 65W + TDP. Basically, the OS can not properly pick the best cores in light-threaded applications, resulting in reduced performance. Thankfully, these matters were spotted early and can be resolved with a simple software update and, according to AMD, will be coming with a Windows Update this month.
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