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  1. : Lol: I like it exactly. I have never compared the games in the cluster there. Each game is native to itself and 8). Incidentally I commented on the COD as I thought - and straight-dragged claims on the BF.

    When a person here raises a complaint against a game, you can respond to him in an eyewitness, no one tries to silence him. Just just laughed that every time he remarked "but I enjoy." "I enjoy .." etc .. ;)

    right. : Lol:

  2. You do not take the key of a paddush without a moment's permission and my uncle


    You should play (legally) this coming weekend

    That's all you have to do ...

    First prize visit at DICE

    The second prize is $ 5000

    And the third is a new gaming system

    [I build on second or third place]

    I am sorry to disappoint you but as all these sweepstakes are relevant only to Canadian / US residents, you are welcome to read the rules.

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