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  1. I did the SAT after a few months I learned and I took 2000, I'm here for a year and I'm about to test really hard ... I finish here ya 'right now ..

    Highly recommend the Blue Book of the Collegeboard is the best and if you need extra tests the Princeton review and Baron are also not bad.

    More advice from experience, do not underestimate math even though it is easy as individual questions It is very difficult to maintain concentration towards the end of the test, and it can cost dearly.

    There is also a test for foreigners called the TOFEL I recommend you do it is a joke near the SAT but many universities consider it significantly if you are a stranger ..

    If you excel in any field, there are SAT II exams in all fields (math, physics, chemistry, biology, Spanish, Hebrew, etc.) and many universities require at least 2 (higher grade).

    The Israeli Lizzie here is always very high, although usually what you do can not compete with the Chinese and the Koreans Human .. A bunch of lifeless people in my mother ... There is nothing to feel bad lol ..


  2. Does not come out ... do not know, it hardly takes him down, I've already thrown some missiles 6 and even half did not drop him ...

    Buy epigrides until the demostrator Paul Demag appears to have only one enemy (it goes down instead of one huge thread) will take care of it.

  3. I really do not understand why they are not given sovereignty, and also East Jerusalem ... In any case there are no Jews at all.

    Why do we have to take care of all the needs of these disgusting parasites ... Lieberman is right to take care of themselves.

    We will look better in the eyes of the world and save a lot of money. I also assume that if they attack us as an official state they can be declared a serious war and not hit with a silk glove. I just hope that Lieberman is as good as his words, he seems a serious man anyway. :)

  4. I installed the 7 on one of the new computers at home and I'm very pleased,

    There is one issue I have not been able to find out ... will it be possible (in 1 in August when the accent will not work anymore) to buy a full version that is not the Ultimate?

    Beta runs the Ultimate, and I will still have to buy some system or another when the beta expires (broke all the systems prostrate too much headache)

    So I'd rather go for Home Premium, is there a chance that Microsoft will make such a "downgrade" type without formatting?

  5. Power Armor can be achieved very easily. Unfortunately I have to undergo training to use the armor. Bummer.

    By the way, I find loads of different parts of the motorcycle around the DC. There is a possibility to assemble a motorcycle, what do you say?

    The parts of this motorcycle are for CUSTOM called SHISHKEBAB are given the programs at the end of the vampire's quest chain.

  6. I finished the game and I have to say that

    Bloody end in fucking levels ... it ruined everything ..

    Why did they make it impossible to play after Main Quest?

    In any case, for those who have not finished if you want to do Side Quests do not finish Main Quest.

  7. What makes prices in Israel expropriated is the price of a game relative to the average wage in the economy.

    In any case I've always bought only the games of Blizzard, and I pay for them happily, these people are making real games that hold who knows how long.

    There were a few times I bought other games but they just are not very satisfying relative to the price, just 6-10 single hours and you can do UNINSTALL because on the way there is no fun online community.

  8. Does that mean that one can not handle the ticket? This computer has been doing fine for half a year +

    And the dimmer temperatures were not something, my home fan did not solve the problem I tried.

    Well I'll try another provider, is there a chance that my doubt was damaged when I was on vacation? (There is relatively high humidity here in the basement and the computer did not fuel for two months). [Br]Published at: 4.09.2008 at 02: 47: 22

    Well I put in a good supplier and everything works.

    Thanks for the help friends do not have on you :)

    Is there a responsibility for these things?

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