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  1. You have a great computer - here are the necessary improvements:

    A: Extra 2GB Stick Required!

    In: OC to a graphics card can bring close to 50% improvement (I have 8500GT with 100% improvement on OC)

    Look for a critique of your specific model and look at what improvement you can get in the OC

    C: Small OC processor without the need for replacement Will give you a good improvement in your game that requires processing power from the processor

    After all these improvements you will feel a noticeable improvement and maybe you will not need to upgrade.

    OC Help You can get the "Overclocking" forum by opening an appropriate spinach with all the information on your computer.

    You may want to start reading articles on the subject.


  2. I'm sorry there are those who think here that I am an Intel Fan Boy because I am not

    Most of my computers were of From the Atlon A64 to the present day, (currently on the X2 Attalon on OC 2.7GHZ) I've always loved the Over the arrogant Intel that Sochet changes every week

    And I just feel very disappointed after all the bulldozer's expectations with the 50% improvement

    My next computer will probably be X4 361 which is best paid as a quad to OC.

    Just what surprises me, She is not a small company that works from home but a serious company, so how does it happen that all these years they check and reject the launch of the bulldozer, Do not they do housekeeping and hawks and see that they have gone backwards in terms of performance compared to their previous generation? And they still continue to make noise and raise expectations through false publications of over 50% improvement? - which, in the end, is the same as the expectations generated by the disappointment among AMD's customers,

  3. Excuse me but where do you see that she competed successfully against the 2500K?

    It usually loses it, and the only victory of the bulldozer 8 cores is in encoding and video!

    The rest of the 2500 is better (especially for the gamers!)

    If at least the price was similar to 2500K then not that terrible The 8150 is above 20% at the price of 2500K! And almost costs like the usual 2600!

    Where do you see the same 50% improvement compared to the previous generation that AMD touched them?

  4. I mean the failure I mean is that a bulldozer with a 8 turbocharger with a higher base frequency than a 6 core with lower frequencies is usually worth the performance and sometimes the 6 cores even wins it (in multi-threaded software) and I do not even consider using the Intel but only AMD

    8 Cores This 33% is theoretically added to processing power but in reality the 8 cores are even less good than 6 cores! So it's not a failure? A drop of at least 20% in processing power in the transition to the new architecture!

    It's a failure how not to look at it! An older generation of 6 cores should not win a new generation with higher core cnnom and speeds!

    Look here:

    You'll even see a comparison between the 6 Cores and the FX6100 Dozer X6 bulldozer and will see the fall in the new generation! Although their frequencies are quite the same!

    After reading the forums I realized what the problem might be, many are talking about the huge amount of transistors in the new processor and how much it is really not well exploited and wasteful

    And one of the surfers noted that there had once been an interview with a senior AMD official who said that in recent years 100 has moved from manual drawing and programming of the cores to automatic design by software, so people think that software seems to be less efficient than manual design.

  5. Hello everyone

    After we all witnessed the downfall of the failed bulldozers versus the Intel processors in general and the processors of the previous generation in Beppert, I wanted to know whether Can produce the processors

    Thuban X6 The New Bulldogs The New Bulldozer Processors?

    Eg CPU

    Thuban X6 1100T is usually good even from an 8150 processor with 8 cores!

    I imagine if they would have produced the core of the

    Thuban's new 8 cores in technology, were also getting a decrease in power consumption, an increase in MHZ and a decrease in production cost.

    Is it possible to produce a processor created in 45NM in 32NM?

    I think CPU

    Thuban or Panamon with 8 cores would give a better FIGHT front Because the bulldozer failed a total failure even in front of his previous generation!


    Just looking at the price chart shows that AMD just gives the best value for money / performance!

    Anodia does not have to compare 6950's X -UMX array of 500 to a flattener 580 and leave dust to GTX560 SLI at the same price and even GTX570

    In short, I do not see how the GTX590 card (as it will read?) Whose single chip costs $ 500 will succeed in competing against the 6990 cost of 700 $

    In addition, we will not forget that at this price the 6970 will also enter CROPSFIRE.

    In my opinion it does not matter if the card's Be stronger if you do not give value to the price!

  7. p67-h67-overclocking-sm.png

    As I wrote this proves the problem:

    One of the additions to the K architecture besides the open-source processor is the improved graphics core.

    2500 has the 2000 graphics core

    Val has 2500K Graphical 3000

    So if you buy the 2500K for the powerful core and the open processor, you can not enjoy it because if you want to use a graphics card, you need an H67 encoder that does not combine open multiples and limits the game with the processor!

    Why did they do that nonsense? Why his name Stronger in an open processor that requires a board that eliminates the graphics core? : nixweiss:

  8. I have a solution that might help

    If you know its name and its age range

    Why do not you search for it on Facebook ??

    Maybe you'll be lucky and recognize her there? Most of the young people are there today

    Maybe it will take you close to an hour but according to your description it's worth the effort


  9. My brothers I'm about to panic,

    I have 3 discs of 250GB 16MB I bought before 2008 who work in the braid

    I may have some precursors, 3, HARDIDIC, 0, and sometimes I turn on the computer. The BIOS does not recognize the hard drives and gets stuck in the process of identifying the RID

    Could it be related to this ?? In addition, I bought a few months ago the 500GB 32MB HardDisk that I have in KSP for backups and I now see that it is also unreliable

    I used to think that the most reliable Segate with responsibility for 5 years and now I regret

    I have very important information about them, of jobs, etc. I am flying to buy some new discs tomorrow for backups, which company do you recommend and which ones? Of 500GB

    Hope everyone will be fine and the trouble will be fixed Thank you in advance!

  10. Temperature is also associated with gas ...

    And an air conditioner that does not lower the temperature of the room below the 0 degrees does not mean that it does not give the head to the processor under the 0 degrees !!

    Most air conditioners can give between 15-18 ° C in MINIMUM, with such air conditioner it is fun to get to minus 20 ° CPU ...

    Because with the cold block comes to one place, in the air conditioner everything dissipates ...

    : xyxthumbs:

    Just as I thought

    Then my question came again

    Why so far no one tried to sanctify it and at this place paid thousands of shekels for the system jazz??

    And in the air conditioner he can even tune how much he wants to cool off on the remote control lol

  11. A air conditioner Does not exceed 2000

    B. Where did you see an air conditioner going down to 50 below zero?

    Please tell us and we all go to buy maybe you got a lucrative deal and bought 10 and you get 1 free on the ingenious idea

    The air conditioner in the picture cost about NIS 1500 in an electronics store - I've seen a Japanese for a year

    And the air conditioner does not lower the room minus the 50 degrees that is not strong enough

    And they have a mechanism to prevent freezing or something

    In any case if you change it then it will freeze the shape to the processor

    And depending on what gas there are in the Japanese I do not understand so

    Maybe another gas will give better results

  12. Just to remove the doubt ... you will never get to this performance with 6600gt because if you somehow achieve the same result it is only a synthetic test does not mean anything .... There are some cute differences in pcb in memory that it In the frequency of memory, in her heart. And so full of differences that even if somehow you can achieve a fine result will not reach its performance and any other card for him is the stok ..

    My brother must have known that

    I'm talking only about the results of the tests and not the games

    And I, too, will not use the computer for games - I have not yet had the chance to play

  13. We'll wait for his response.

    My brother cut your Autor

    Jennifer Garner controls !!

    And write me an 6600GT because I did the tweet of Riva that gives change the name of the card!

    I have 6200 and this is seen in the software of the card that shows the BIOS of the card and shows that it is 6200!

    Here they do Twick:

    You will see that I have marked the 6600GT model and that is how I make the computer identify the card as 6600GT at the 6200

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  14. Wow wow brother hold your horses !!!!!!!

    What did you decide?


    SORRY Dude

    Accidentally "a little" came out too big


    In any case, even though you are unfamiliar with the company, it does have a ticket and is really worth it because only Zalman's cooling costs about NIS 180

    And even if I'm not mistaken, he has 1.6NS memories in place of 2NS

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