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  1. I have an iPhone X and I just got tired of FaceID, and also got tired of the Passcode that needs to be put in code. When there was Touch ID it would work perfectly all the time, but FaceID only works at 50% What are the dangers of having a phone without a lock?
  2. This is a recurring issue, this NAS uses two network cables connected to SWITCH The setting is BONDING with Adaptive Load Balance I changed it now to Failover and I think it solved the problem
  3. I copy files from NAS via a network connection to my computer and the copy speed drops to 0bytes / s every few moments it goes back to copying and then it falls again 0 My computer is Windows 10 with a 1Gb CAT7 network cable connection The machine I copy from is LenovoEMC ™ px6-300d with 4 disks in RAID 10 I am also trying to copy from another computer and have the same problem I tried to replace network cables in NAS and other ports in switch and it did not help
  4. When you install a new antivirus, Windows 10 turns off the built-in antivirus
  5. The budget is too low for a laptop that can make games, you can look for a used computer at this price or buy a new computer with a weak graphics card.
  6. The solution is to buy an external recorder and after that on the computer do SYNC between the camera audio and the external recorder's audio and then MUTE the camera audio external recorder as good as TASCAM DR40 or Zoom H4N you can connect the microphone you bought to these devices
  7. I'm not a lab, it's an office room I work in, I'm not looking to vent steam on HP, we have bought more than 40 of their laptops in the last 8 years and I would expect them to support such an expensive computer properly The graphics card is Nvidia Quadro P4000 and it works without problem in Hybrid mode
  8. HP ZBook 17 G4 laptop from 2018 with a valid warranty The problems started with a black screen when connecting a docking station we called HP and got a call number:, they talked on the phone and asked to reinstall the computer, asked to update all kinds of drivers, nothing helped, they closed the The reading number. We called again and opened a new reading number:, a technician arrived after two weeks with a faulty motherboard, the technician found out that the new motherboard was faulty only after he had already plugged it into the laptop and connected everything, he found that no keyboard connection called again HP support and we got a new reading number we waited another two weeks Until a new board arrived, a technician came to replace the board and after that Guy
  9. Duty Free at Ben Gurion Airport has wireless internet with a web filter called FortiGuard that blocks sites he does not know and probably blocks other sites when you build a website and the site is ready with a domain address, which filters you add it to so that it is not blocked in places like airports or wifi in some offices I will give a list of sites I know that can be sent a request to test and add a new site to their categories so that the site is not blocked automatically of Fortinet tools / change-request.php Symantec Symantec https: //www.trustedsou
  10. Chances are he has not decided to retire these has happened tragedy, he has completely disappeared and there has been no update or message since 2016 in the latest update from September 2016
  11. He made this video 3 months before it really disappeared
  12. Case Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV X GLASS Intel Core i9 9940X NVIDIA Quadro P2000 MSI X299 RAIDER (MS-7A94) Windows 10 1909 Testing SolidWorks 2020 and Autodesk Inventor 2020, Userbenchmark, Prime 95 stress test load temperatures and BIOS
  13. Make a GPARTED USB
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